1-on-1  Mentorship 

Cream and Pink Makeup Artist  Stylist Po

Magical Growth + Transformation in 4 Weeks

These spiritual mentorship containers are devoted to your highest growth and potential so you can start embodying your gifts and living the life of your dreams now.  

Hi Beautiful Soul, 

I am so happy your intuition guided you here. I know how

What my clients have to say... 

"After my first session with Kayma I felt as if my slate had been wiped clean, and I felt so inspired that I knew I wanted her to be a mentor of mine right away. Working with her 1:1 allows her to give so much insight into the spiritual realm and how to create your own journey through it. All of the courses I did with her felt so personalized and my entire certification was such a profound experience. I talk about Kayma and her offerings to anybody who will listen. She is a gift!"  

-Ryann M. 

 During our time together you will:

  • Clear energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, and outdated programs 

  • Activate dormant DNA and awaken your spiritual and intuitive gifts

  • Find strength in your sensitivities and comfort in your skin

     and so much more.. 

Includes -


  • A personalized 4 or 8 week container that focuses on your personal and unique needs, goals and desires. 


  • Weekly 60-min Mentorship Guidance Call with Energy Healing that focuses

  • Customized practices and "homework" to integrate spiritual growth into daily life 


  • Full-time chat access in between sessions M-F via Voxer or WhatsApp 

Let's create the life of your dreams, together. 

Cream and Pink Makeup Artist  Stylist Po

From where I'm sitting I know your future is bright and that you behold sacred gifts just waiting to be awakened. I also know the depths that come during times of confusion, blocks and resistance where it can be so hard to see life on the other side. I assure you it gets better, so much better. I know this because of the miraculous work I've done with hundreds of clients over the past 12 years and my own living proof.

When we work together I channel messages directly from your higher self and offer intuitive guidance that speaks directly to your soul. Together we create lasting change that your future self will thank you for. I consider it an absolute privilege to work with you and feel blessed each time you to to let me into your world.


Until Then,