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This loving, powerful and transformative container is for the woman who is ready for the next step on her spiritual, and life, journey. Together, we will create a sacred space for your visions to come to life and work together to clear the blocks, beliefs, and resistance getting in the way of your highest path and potential. 

These are my most in-depth and intimate offerings and are held over 4 or 8 weeks. 


These transformative 60-minute sessions include an intuitive blend of Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Spirt Channeling to clear outdated, limiting programs and energies that are in the way of your highest good, growth and potential. These sessions refresh your entire energy field, bring you into a deepened connection with your spirit and create positive momentum in all areas of your life.  


Communicating with divine energy and multi-dimensional beings is one of the greatest tools available for remembering and connecting to your true nature. These sessions blend Light Language Activations, Intuitive Energy Clearing and channeled messages.

In a typical session you will: 


* Receive personalized messages from your Higher Self, Angelic + Galactic Guides

* Gain clarity + rich insight you can apply to any and all     areas of your life 

* Experience energetic clearing + overall harmonization of your Chakras and Auric Field. 

* Unlock codes of universal truths + unlimited potential

* Release energetic blocks + stagnation

* Deepen your connection to your higher self and the spiritual realms + more....


Starting Aug. 8th // 5p PST // Early Bird $499

Your body is a carrier of energy. It holds the codes of all creation, the mysteries of the universe and the stories of your ancient and ancestral lineage. It stores and expresses your subconscious beliefs, emotions and records of all your memories. It is also sending you telepathic and intuitive messages all the time, though many of us have not been taught its subtle language nor how to listen. This class changes everything.

In this transformative course you will: 


* Awaken and activate your body’s inherent psychic wisdom

* Learn how to detect and decipher the subtle messages and    energies moving through you all the time 

* Gain massive insight around the underlying cause of         stressors, pains and discomforts. 

* Uncover and clear hidden blocks, beliefs and baggage keeping  you from your greatness 

* Build trust in your body’s intuitive abilities  

And so much more! 

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happy clients...


After my first session with Kayma I felt as if my slate had been wiped clean, and I felt so inspired that I knew I wanted her to be a mentor of mine right away. Working with her 1:1 allows her to give so much insight into the spiritual realm and how to create your own journey through it. All of the courses I did with her felt so personalized and my entire certification was such a profound experience. I talk about Kayma and her offerings to anybody who will listen. She is a gift!" - Ryann M. 

Let's stay connected...


1st + 3rd Wednesday 
7-8pm via Instagram Live 

Each week we explore the energy present in the collective consciousness and call forth the channeled messages and energy from intuitively chosen crystals. These meditations are a great way to learn about and experience crystals and their energy. Plus, they are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for your whole self - body, mind and spirit. 

Alexis F.

"Working with Kayma I have gained so many important skills about life, about who I am, and how to dig deeper into the authentic expression of what it means to be human (and more importantly understanding myself). Kayma's approach is both gentle but also extremely real and she only wants you to be the best version of yourself and to allow growth to take place." 

Courtney H.

"I have been going to see Kayma for Energy Work for three years now. I'm so grateful and amazed at how much she has helped me, and continues to help me grow as an individual and heal in so many ways. Kayma is incredibly intuitive, direct, and as bright as they come. I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I first got there. After seeing Kayma you will definitely leave feeling so much more at peace in your mind and body, so relaxed and uplifted. Thank you Kayma for being such an inspiring divine channel of healing love and light."

Kaili S. 

"Kayma is extremely talented and intuitive!!! Her sessions are filled with love and kindness, oriented towards one's health and self discovery. With every treatment, I walk away feeling happier, lighter, connected. She's truly special!"

Kirsten D.

Kayma made the light at the end of the tunnel even brighter & seem way more in reach. My intuition is so much stronger & the light it turned on is so amazing. The stronger connection it has given me to mother earth & seeing the signs she & my higher self are giving me blow me away every day. I am so truly thankful to you.  


I am honored to be your guide

Let's be honest. We are all feeling more, seeing more and sensing more than ever before. We are realizing there is far more to life, and ourselves, than meets the eye - and certainly more than we've been told. The interesting thing is we aren't normally taught about spiritual or invisible energies but they are profoundly impacting the quality of our everyday experiences. This is why it is so important to care for our whole self - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and why I am so passionate about this work.  

From the earliest I can remember I've been intuitively feeling and seeing what most people don't. At the time it made me feel weird and misunderstood which led to years of frustration, rebellion and shutting down. It wasn't until I took my first Reiki Training in my early 20's  Training that I got my first taste of freedom. I finally had an applicable context for what I was experiencing and a firsthand experience with the truth of my soul. This moment catapulted me down a devoted path of energy healing and has continued to grow and expand in miraculous ways. It truly inspires me every day - even 13 years later. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your path and I look forward to working with you soon.

With Love,


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