Had a 90 minute massage/reiki session by Kayma and it was amazing. I have been to some of the best spas in the world and she is one one of the best I have been to. She really listens and has a very high level of intuition and healing ability which really enables her to tune into areas that need some additional work.  She nas done a beautiful job of setting up the Carlsbad location - its got a warm, welcoming, open feel to it. There is even a beautiful courtyard they have set up out back where I was able to relax after my session.  Thanks for creating such a healing and tranquil place !!! I look forward to becoming one of your regulars.  Love and Light - Tonya M.

Can we just talk about what a powerful experience I had this week with Erin?  I did her 90 min. Hypno-Reiki session. And let me tell you.... I shed parts of me that I never knew needed to be shed. I feel WHOLE for probably the  first time since childhood. I would have never expected to have such a life changing experience. Im so glad to have found Erin. She just made me feel so at home and comfortable talking about and sorting through some of the most vulnerable parts of me. Thank you so very much for helping me put me back together. -Stella A.

I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Kayma over the past year regarding my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain.  She has an amazing intuitive sense to address each body issue with a unique holistic and healing approach.  The passion and positivity she brings to each session help ensure your individual needs are addressed and met. I highly recommend the wide array of services she provides and guarantee you will have a positive outcome. - Vance M.

Erin is AMAZING! She is a highly gifted reiki practitioner and I consider her a true alchemist! I can't recommend her studio in Carlsbad enough! Great vibes, great energy, great healing. Thank you Erin! -Julie T. 

I have been going to see Kayma for Reiki and Massage for three years now. I'm so grateful and amazed at how much she has helped me, and continues to help me grow as an individual and heal in so many ways. Kayma is incredibly intuitive, direct, and as bright as they come. Her bodywork is amazing, she has really helped release deeply held pain my shoulder and neck, but I'd have to say the Reiki is my favorite :) I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I first got there. After seeing Kayma you will definitely leave feeling so much more at peace in your mind and body, so relaxed and uplifted. Thank you Kayma for being such an inspiring divine channel of healing love and light. - Courtney H.

Erin is phenomenal. Reiki is a game changer. I can to her for hypnotherapy but ended up going with Reiki instead. 
I cannot say enough positive things about her or her practice. After my first session, my anxiety was more than halved (not shabby for someone who's lived with crippling PTSD). After three sessions, my body almost feels like normal after fifteen years of chronic and debilitating pain. If you feel at all in your gut that this might help you, go! Go, go, go! It is the best decision I have ever made besides marrying my spouse. Thank you, Erin! We love you from the bottom of our root chakras! ;) - 
Evelyn A. 

I first began working with Kayma six months ago, when I came to her with a multitude of issues in need of work, including back pain, significant daily anxiety, and general body tightness and inflexibility as a result of a typical 8-5 desk job, compounded by my ultramarathon running endeavors. From our first session, I knew that I had found a major key to my overall mind and body wellness.  In addition to the in-person restorative yoga sessions, Kayma has also helped me to develop an overall mind & body wellness program to incorporate into my own daily practice. In providing personalized yoga videos and meditations, she has given me the tools I need to continue the progress we make in our in-person sessions. The support that Kayma provides outside of the studio is truly valuable and her mindfulness & insight are truly inspiring. Over the past six months, my constant anxiety has greatly diminished as I've begun to achieve a level of newfound mindfulness. In addition, physically, I'm finding myself to be more open and flexible, while my running has been stronger than ever. Kayma has opened my eyes to the very real connection between mind & body and has provided me the tools to continue to strive towards overall wellness. - Ryan C. 

Erin's compassion and warmth, her inviting and peaceful spirit all made my first Reiki experience so incredible! I went into it not knowing what to expect in the least, but open. Erin made me feel so comfortable and loved without judgement instantaneously. The mental clarity I experienced after my first session is hard to describe. I am a very analytical person and was very skeptical of people who claimed miraculous healings or mental breakthroughs from "Eastern Medicine" techniques. I am no longer a skeptic having experienced it first hand now! Thank you Erin for pursuing your passion against all your "better judgement" by our Western standards so that we can all benefit from this healing art and your beautiful spirit! -Katie D. 

Kayma was amazingly receptive and connected(I felt heard and understood!), and even able to validate my experience and provide helpful input It was the way I needed to hear it, and face to face, eye to eye, in the physical presence of another child of God, in this case a daughter of God! That’s what it felt like, and what it needs to feel like right now with me. Sometimes, it feels weird to talk about things on the metaphysical/spiritual level

with people. It’s kind of a unique intimacy. And sometimes a vulnerability. Oh, and I’m a guy so there’s that, lol! 

So, reaching out to Kayma, was as much about ME, making contact with ONE, more regularly in contact with this “realm”, and more comfortably conversant within it! -Gabriel M.

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