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This 12 week Program includes a blend of deep inner healing work, intuitive channeling and soul-aligned strategy designed to support sustainable quantum leaps and elevate the quality of how you feel in your biz on all levels.

For you if you're ready to...

* Activate your soul gifts and turn them into gold

* Move through fears, blocks, and patterns of self-sabotage 

*Create healthy boundaries and break the chains of

people pleasing and perfectionism

*Empower your relationship with money

and have more time to enjoy the success you create

*Make high-level entrepreneurial decisions that feel completely aligned with your values and authenticity

*Release whats no longer working - from clients and offerings

to schedule and strategy

*Amplify the aspects of your biz that generate the greatest excitement, ease, joy for irresistible marketing and magnetism

and  so much more

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After my first session with Kayma I felt as if my slate had been wiped clean, and I felt so inspired that I knew I wanted her to be a mentor of mine right away. Working with her 1:1 allows her to give so much insight into the spiritual realm and how to create your own journey through it. All of the courses I did with her felt so personalized and my entire certification was such a profound experience. I talk about Kayma and her offerings to anybody who will listen. She is a gift!" - Ryann M. 

Alexis F.

"There are so many wonderful things I can say about Kayma. 

She is the healer and spiritual teacher EVERYONE (yes, I mean everyone) should have in their lives. Kayma is incredibly intuitive and able to help others achieve things they never thought possible. She creates a safe landing for others to express their truth and authentic desires. She is also able to connect to spirit and receive downloads in a loving way. I loved and appreciated all of the feedback that was given along with the structure that was presented in each session.It felt very organized and on the topic of what needed to be discussed at the time. 

I will use what I learned in 1:1 Mentorship by incorporating my daily schedule & rituals, listening to my body and spirit by doing what feels most comfortable, along with money practices and activating my newest business venture/business plan!"

Meghan C.

My time with Kayma was truly remarkable and profound. We dove into so much that allowed me to see myself and my work more clearly. Kayma has such a gift with reflecting things back to you and supporting you so you can feel truly seen and understood. Her ability to hold a strong yet loving and compassionate container for you to explore your inner (and outer) obstacles is inspiring and motivating. 

I so appreciated her ongoing communication, feedback and prompts any time I reached out to her in between sessions which allowed me to continue to explore and expand the work we were doing when we met. Throughout the whole process I felt incredibly nurtured and supported and so appreciated all of her incredible insights, shared experience and encouragement.