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Your Body is a Psychic

Your body is a carrier of energy. It holds the codes of all creation, the mysteries of the universe and the stories of your ancient and ancestral lineage. It stores and expresses your subconscious beliefs, emotions and records of all your memories. It is also sending you telepathic and intuitive messages all the time, though many of us have not been taught its subtle language nor how to listen.


This class changes everything.

In 4 transformative weeks you will learn how to free yourself from the conditioned patterns that keep you looking outside of yourself for  answers and instead learn how to trust and honor your body's inherent, intuitive wisdom. You will be given the tools to communicate with your body's subtle energetic systems along with self-healing and spiritual embodiment techniques you can tap into for life. 

When you connect to your body's psychic wisdom you gain the ability to:


  • Make soul-aligned choices with confidence and ease

  • Understand the subtle language of your body, mind, emotions and soul

  • Better decipher messages and wisdom from higher dimensional realms

  • Tune into personal and universal truths that lie beneath the surface

  • Discover the deeper meaning behind energetic blocks, stressors and physical discomforts

  • Transform energetic sensitivities into incredible superpowers

  • Consciously merge your physical and non-physical beingness for a more enriching and fulfilling human experience

And so much more...

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Class starts Aug. 8
Held 4 consecutive Sundays via Zoom 4-5:30p PDT

*Recordings will be available for each class if you cannot attend live. 

Week 1

Aug. 8th  

Week 1 Key Topics: 

  • Demystifying Energetics

  • Your Body’s Inherent Multidimensional Wisdom


  • Clearing + Rewiring Subconscious Fears, Blocks and Beliefs

  • Regaining Energetic Sovereignty

  • Self-Love + Embodiment 

  • Crystalline Healing Template 

Week 2

Aug. 15th

Week 2 Key Topics: 

  • Your Four Bodies 

  • Developing, enhancing and refining your Psychic Senses 

  • Intuitive signs and signals

  • Energetic Sensitivities

  • Gut Instinct v. Ego/Fear

  • How to Handle Darkness + Discomforts

Week 3

Aug. 22nd

Week 3 Key Topics: ​

  • Channeling Spirit + Creating Sacred Space

  • How Your Body Receives, Assimilates, Stores and Digests Information

  • Body/mind/emotion/spirit connection

  • Uncovering a Root Cause


  • How-to: Self-Healing

Week 4

Aug. 29th

Week 4 Key Topics: 

  • Aligning with your sacred "yes" and hell "no"


  • How to Integrate Intuition into Daily Life 

  • Your Body as a Compass

  • The Energy of Your Needs, Wants + Desires

  • How Your Body Reflects Your Reality 

Early Bird Pricing until 

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Early Bird In Full: $488

2 Month Payment Plan: $244/month

Includes: ​

  • 4 1.5-hr Weekly Workshops held Sundays at 4p PDT

  • Weekly homework, embodiment practices, and journal prompts for optimum integration of the content we cover each week 

  • Video recordings of each class that can be accessed for life

About Your Guide


From the moment you incarnated into this human form you were programmed to let your logical mind lead the way. To look outside for the answers to your questions and the fix for your problems and discomforts. On top of it all, your body holds the energetic memories of all of your experiences and to drop into your physicality means you must feel all that you are. The light, dark and everything in between. 


On one side this can be wildly uncomfortable which is why tendencies of avoidance are so strong. On the other side it is one of the most freeing and empowering gifts you can give yourself in this lifetime as your body grants you access to the guidance, clarity and direction needed to fulfill your highest timeline.


This creation of this course was inspired by my own life and spiritual journey as healing my relationship to my body has truly taken my intuitive prowess to the next level - and continues to. My spiritual guides have also provided me with rich insight around the evolution of our intuitive powers explaining that our intuition is no longer something meant to be accessed by our Third Eye alone. It is a full body experience that is calling to be integrated into our physical reality.  


In this time of great awakening we are being called to embody our true divine nature. To turn our body into a sacred guide and vehicle through which spirit can express. I look forward to guiding you along this journey and witnessing the miraculous ways this experience transforms your life. 

With Infinite Love, 



Kayma made the light at the end of the tunnel even brighter & seem way more in reach. My intuition is so much stronger & the light it turned on is so amazing. The stronger connection it has given me to mother earth & seeing the signs she & my higher self are giving me blow me away every day. I am so truly thankful to you. - Kirsten D.

I am so grateful for Kayma giving me an opportunity to dig deeper into the view of my spirit, my subconscious and conscious beliefs, and the beauty of vulnerability. I felt safely held in this course and I am so thankful I was able to show up each week and continue my personal healing journey. These skills will last a lifetime and beyond! - Alexis F.

"After my first session with Kayma, I felt as if my slate had been wiped clean, and I felt so inspired that I knew I wanted her to be a mentor of mine right away. Working with her allows her to give so much insight into the spiritual realm and how to create your own journey through it."- Ryann M

Turn your body into a trusted guide and a place within which you love to reside

Let's go there together

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