Why Did I Choose This?? Lyrans, Duality and Remembrance

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Talking multidimensional beings, reality from our souls point of view, why we incarnate and freeing ourselves through shifts in perspective 🙌🏽✨ Enjoy my friends!







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why did i choose this

this is the question

this is the question that can offer us

so much freedom


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oh so i left this little note in my

stories today i'm not sure if you caught



was talking about this particular


that has been coming up over the past

few days

and this is not limited to the past few


but one of the big

powerful reminders

daily in every moment you know

i find that so much of our job here is

the consistent act

and devotion of remembrance

really every single day when we

sit down in our meditation pillow

or we say our intentions or our


we read those books those mantras

it's remembering remembering

who we are really who we are

not the just the physical not

the the linear not just

what we think we are even

this opportunity to remind ourselves

because there

is a part of us that knows

i'm so much more than this

there's so much more to life to reality

we remind ourselves of the things that

are within our control

we remind ourselves of

what we know in our heart to be true

we remind ourselves of our true nature

that's what you know all of the positive


they're anchoring us in our truth

because you know while we

exist in a world of polarity

that is part of the matrix within which


live for a reason however

that is not our totality

and you know in this human experience

because our

our soul

made a contract before it incarnated

that said i am going to temporarily

forget my true nature

my true self my whole self

so that i can learn

and grow and make the most out of

earth school so

we agree to forget

because if we came in remembering

if we came in remembering as we all

know if we had that current of


automatically pouring through us that we

were consciously aware of

how we have interfaced with

our experiences to this point

would be completely different i believe

because if we knew

we wouldn't take things

as personally and

we would be able to step out of

what life is presenting to us what we

are immediately experiencing

and we would say this is just one sliver

of the greater totality

but that's not what we signed up for

that's not what we signed up for because

if we knew

the opportunity that lies in the


in the challenging experience in the

challenging relationship

wouldn't be able to impact us to the

same degree

or have the same effect

now the interesting thing being alive at

this time

amidst a huge spiritual awakening

is that we now have

it available to consciously remember

and to actually be able to tap into

these other dimensions of self

these other aspects of our self beyond

just the physical

so what i find so often

in healing sessions

is that there's for all of us

you know we all have our things

the things that have cycled over and

over and over again

the experiences that we've gone through

the situations that we've gone through

the relationships that we've gone

through or that we have

and even things projected into the


we all have that thing that we cycle on

and because of the meaning that we've

given to it

it a creates a feeling response in our

body each time it cycles through

but we all have that one thing and maybe

more than one thing that we're like

we can't feel like we just like can't

let go of

we still torture ourselves every time it

moves through our conscious awareness

we still blame ourselves for that thing

we still

want something from that person that

they're not able to give to us

and we're just like hitting our head at

the wall like why

why can't it be the way that i want it

to be

and you know

especially when there's other people

involved we just basically hand over our


and as we talked about in the last live

we often

give over our power to that thing and to

or to a person

when they are actually incapable of

giving us

what it is that we are desiring in

return but we've made

this sneaky little contract

that says i can only receive

and let's just say love or acceptance

these key core frequencies

available to us in abundance

but we are saying i cannot fully receive

those frequencies

i cannot embody those frequencies

it is given to me by that one person who


we do this we do this to ourselves

why is it that we are not allowed we are

not inherently worthy

of receiving

something just because

because in actuality

again that frequency is in abundance

so furthermore

we have that thing and so often we can

cycle on that thing and think why didn't

i make this choice

why didn't i take that opportunity

and a you know we can tune into how that

feels in our body when we do that

it doesn't feel very good

and we take very personal we take it

very personal

and that wow because i

did this means

this means

through this lens

i'm a bad person

i really messed up my life

whatever all of which

is our ego identifying giving it a


and saying that is what it means about


but we're you know yes that can feel so

real like

how could that person breaking up with


not mean that i'm unlovable unworthy

you know the whole list our ego could

say well how could it possibly not mean


look at this situation in this situation

this situation that has confirmed that

to be true for me

but that's the way that the subconscious


now instead yes there's choices that we


yes we have free will

however we also have a greater divine


and coming back to what our soul agrees

to before it incarnates

is that divine plan the situations the

relationships the things that we have


in this reality that we have created for

ourselves that say

i'm this is part of the your divine plan

and so if we can actually grace

ourselves a moment


observe this thing that we've cycled on

for so long

and instead just ask the question

why did i choose this why did

my soul choose this for my human

because it always chose it

as a catalyst for growth

if it was a free will choice

it will lead you to your subconscious

that is why i chose this but it might

also be

in that greater picture that you

chose this discomfort this challenge


relationship on purpose

and for a reason and as a catalyst for

your greatest growth

in some area of your life and it could

even just be

to expand your capacity for loving


ultimately that's what the the

biggest deepest most challenging

situations experience and experiences

and relationships

are here for that purpose not to

not to reiterate the story of like i'm

being punished for doing something wrong

or why me or a life happening to me

it's just not

i'm going through this right now with

the next you are an angel and i have to


why i can't let go yeah and i mean

there's i mean we

get so deep with that as to why we

plug in to those sources you know that's


i mean stuff that that i love going into

and healing sessions because

our conscious mind our spiritual mind we

all have access to right now we're all

doing that all the time

and but at the same time even though you

could consciously say i want to unplug

from this

subconsciously there's all these reasons

why we can't

and that can be really tricky because

we don't have the the normal conscious

access to it but this is why energy work

is phenomenal and i love being in that

space because

able to see what's going on underneath

the surface

but to ask yourself you know sometimes

it can feel like this fight

between us and that thing that we feel

like we just can't let go of

but if you just grace yourself with like

i don't need to know

i don't need to like i don't need to


right now but what i can do is start to

look at what it's teaching me

so i don't just keep berating myself for

not being able to let go of it

to start to create a relationship that

that is actually just moving you in a

new direction

creating a new groove so that you can

actually create a relationship with the

part of you

that on some level chose it

ask yourself why why did i choose this

and it's going to be multi-layered and


i chose this because i was scared of

being alone what does scared of being

alone mean i chose this because it

offered me

a sense of support but all these things

all of these things are energies that


we have within us so it boils down to

what is the belief that i'm holding that

i cannot embody that frequency

on my own and that leads us to the


of some sort of belief that was

instilled that says

i'm not capable of doing that

thank you for sharing that experience is

there any way to tap into ourselves to

understand why we chose this path i

think you mentioned something like this

in your story below

well we all chose to incarnate we all

chose to incarnate to

learn and grow and if you think about

humanity as

all and all beings all things as being

an expression of god so that he can

so that he she that essence the creator

can experience life through us and so

this is why we all have our own unique

blueprint our own our own unique

soul print emits the entire multiverse

so we came we incarnate every single


every single lifetime every single

timeline to experience

life through a new point of view to

that is eventually each of these

lifetimes is geared

as a learning for our natural ascension

so this path is just like every path

that you've chosen

what are going to be how can i best


this life expression what is going to be

the greatest catalyst for

for my growth how can i experience life

in so many different ways and that's why

we have all of these different lifetimes

expressing in so many different forms

learning so many different lessons

thanks for that alexis i love the

reminder of life is not happening to us


all if we're able to look through that

lens it is so empowering and so

freeing every single day it's happening

for us

whatever it is that we is in our highest

for us to see

and interface with and navigate is right


it's right there so i always say after

an energy healing session you don't have

to do a thing

if you just keep your eyes open and

observe what