Strengthen your Sensitivities

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Wow so many mind blowing activations in this live transmission 🔥🔥🔥 We go to the powerful and potent places we’d prefer not go but herein lies exactly what we’re looking for... This vid will leave you feeling fully activated and in your multidimensional power. We are no longer able to avoid the unavoidable as we are inherent feelers of energy. We dive into cosmic consciousness, perceptions of shadow and why we hit blocks and walls on our spiritual journey. And a whole lot more.... Ready to work together one on one? Book healings, readings and channelings here




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full moon is upon us such ripe potent energy um coming together perhaps to find a little a little relief help to ease our mind our inner energetic currents whatever has been illuminated activated over the past couple of days welcome everybody oh so as you join in just take a few moments for yourself so that you can [Music] just kind of wipe the slate so to speak to invite the words that want to come through me to you to fully land in your body in your experience katura mike welcome welcome and so i'm curious i'm curious what everybody's feeling hi alexis with this full moon what is being highlighted for you what is what can you not ignore is it a feeling is it an emotion is it a looping thought is it a discomfort is it a memory is it a vision what is turned on what is turned on for you right now hey karen i would love for you to leave in the comments also if you are new and you'd like to introduce yourself please my name is kemah for those that are new to the kamali temple many emotions so are those emotions fluctuating do they feel deep oh happy birthday karen so nice for you to spend your birthday with us gemma frustration um so i wrote a little bit about frustration in my post this morning my frustration that i that um i was having a deep remembrance of especially around full moon time full moon time and times when we are asking for something more asking for something that doesn't feel like it is in our current reality and when we desire that it could be a state of being it could be wow i i'm wanting to feel abundant i'm wanting desiring to feel connection i'm desiring to feel healthy and so there's this place within you that says wow that is not my reality right now so how do i get there and especially for those of us that are tapping in to our metaphysical prowess our multi-dimensional nature for those of us that can see those of us that are the visionaries the feelers we can so interesting we can see intuitively so clearly what's on the other side and because we're such devoted spiritual practitioners we can very easily think that well if i check all the boxes if i listen to this many meditations if i say this many wahey gurus maybe it'll work and maybe it will because there sure is a lot of energy that we can clear by way of we'll just say spiritual practices crystals visualizations that help to clear what's in the way of that thing that we are desiring however for the authentic stepping into receiving embodying embodiment of that thing yes we are going to need to see and feel and go through the process of what is in the way and so my post earlier today was that frustration it's like really i have to go through this to get to here and this is what the crystals have taught me so beautifully because eventually you get to this point where you know there's something more something that you're not quite getting a missing link another step but the other step isn't piling on more crystals and this was my experience and something that we'll also be diving into tomorrow but that frustration that oh i have to for me it was i have to go through the process of embodiment to have this deepened relationship to my crystalline companions and the answer was yes the answer was kema it doesn't matter how many multi-dimensional guides you talk to it doesn't matter how many plant medicine journeys you experience it doesn't matter how high your frequency goes those are all your companions as you start to move into your body and to me for me that was the last thing i wanted to do embodiment was the most unsexy thing i could ever think of the most unexciting thing i could ever think of and knowing that and knowing that the feeling that i had against it based on the meaning i had given it and that inner knowing that whoa i have built up so many walls that kept me outside and thought that i could get to where i intuitively wanted to be because it was so big and so expansive that it must be up here it must be out there it must be through opening the third eye it must be through opening the crown it must be through psychic information but none of it mattered none of it mattered until i gave it a home to land in here and it can actually be and i say this because i went through it which is why i'm sharing it incredibly elusive because we're talking about interfacing with an invisible energy but one that is very real and one that we can observe and one that we can play with one that we can see it's just on a different dimension of seeing and so often during the time of the full moon or spiritual upgrades or wanting that next thing desiring that next thing the light gets turned on because your whole angelic support team all of your guides your higher self they're like we're turning on the light so that you can see what is in the way and it will be shown to you in the way that is going to get your attention getting your attention so often does not come through blissful moments it comes through discomfort it comes through whoa i didn't realize i was saying that to myself over and over and over again whoa i didn't realize i was actually scared and that's such a big one that is such a big one because the fascinating thing is that okay this is what happens and this is what was coming through so big because the biggest questions that i tend to get asked are how do i how can i deepen my connection to crystals and how can i deepen my connection to my intuition many of you can relate even though you are already connecting to crystals you are and you are already connecting to your intuition the question is what's getting in the way of full ownership of those inherent abilities and one of the big ones is actually even though we intuitively know we can consciously know our higher self can know they can all know we can see we can see the outcome of what it would look like and feel like for our intuition to be turned all the way on so the question is why then if i could say to you yeah it'll be fully turned on tomorrow we're gonna clear everything that's in the way what tends to happen is at like oh wow we're clearing and we're clearing we're clearing the beliefs and we're clearing the fears because underneath it all there are many reasons why we actually fear embodying our intuition and this is why it always feels like it's not fully integrated it's somewhere out there we can't quite do enough because we're trying to go around what is actually needing to be addressed what is actually needing to be processed what is actually needing to be felt or seen because why would we actually fear our intuition being fully turned on and as all of that energy clears what i find so often you get to that point where you're saying i am letting go of this forever whether that's true or not and then there's that part of you that scared part of you that's like oh i gotta hold on to one of those because what happens if all of the stuff that is in the way clears and then it's right there responsibility but responsibility is also a word that we have given a kind of a constricting meaning or definition to and so then we realized whoa that would actually mean that i have to take responsibility because if i can see clearly and we'll talk about that but the seeing clearly means that the flashlight is turned on within you it doesn't mean that you're always like love and light and just on one side of the spectrum that can be um a vibratory state that you embody however that does not give you a free ticket from polarity and the full spectrum beingness the full spectrum reality that exists through and around us and that's why too on the spiritual path as the light turns on that's why so much because the light can turn on you can hit those higher vibrational states even with the the churning and the processing that's still going on within your human self this lifetime past lifetimes future projections whatever it may be and so it's that part of you that is able to come in and support the human you as it goes through whatever it's going through but are we willing once we hit that state of clarity to take responsibility for the fact that we can actually see we can see what's going on underneath the surface we can no longer be aloof we can see why we're saying the things that we're saying why we're desiring the things that we're desiring we can see where it's out of integrity we can feel clearly i can feel really clearly what my body wants for dinner and so because i can feel it so clearly and i know what my body would desire i could i take responsibility if i make a different choice and then the clarity of choice and of action wow i can see very clearly the energy behind this external expression i can see very clearly the energetic exchange that will occur through this action taking place because we all have that ability but because we don't want to take the responsibility we prefer not be fully clear because that means if we're not fully clear then we can put the responsibility on someone else even though we know that doesn't feel good we put it on our parents we can put it on the president we can put it on the neighbor we can put it on the news we can put it on whoever because we don't want to take that responsibility so your intuition is right there with you it doesn't come through a state of hierarchy it doesn't come through a state of perfection so this is the process this is a very powerful process because i know so many of you are desiring that deepened connection that's why you love the crystals that's why you love them but here's the thing we can keep feeling like we're going out there but it's all unlocking something within us the crystals they're like we are but a mere reflection and giving you this permission to get to know this hidden aspect of you and it's these hidden aspects that emerge during the time of the full moon or during the time when we're sitting with our crystals in meditation or when we are calling in something bigger it can be the most in alignment in integrity fully supported centered desire super clean but that still doesn't mean that what is in the way will not be revealed to you and so in that revealing in that revealing how do you choose to show up that's the invitation how do you choose to show up like alexa said anger and you know anger i mean it can be around so many things and the anger that could be showing up for all of us could be showing us different things for some of us it could be unexpressed anger anger that we're not allowed perhaps to express maybe to our parents maybe it's anger that we didn't express for a long time because we thought that we wouldn't be loved or we wouldn't be liked if we ex shared this this thing that we have given this lower vibrational meaning and definition to and so we don't express it and so that the anger the unexpressed anger lives on in our energy field the unexpressed sadness the unexpressed grief the unexpressed frustration and so so many times as we're going through this process the emotions and the discomfort are really just the cleansing process it's just that based on the meaning that we've given to discomfort or the meaning that we've given to these um more shadowy emotions based on the meaning that we give it creates the way that we interface with it when it comes in and if it's something that we have been taught to be afraid of or we've taught is less worthy or unlikable or unlovable like anger or like maybe crying or whatever it is for you wow that shows up again and you start to treat it just like you've treated it in the past i don't want to feel you go away you're the worst um don't let anyone see you do this but as you know it's unavoidable because the more and the more that we do that the louder and the louder that she or he gets in the trigger in the projection on our physical reality but it's really a cry for help from a part of you within that's asking for your attention asking for you to listen asking for you to say what is it that you need right now not don't let anyone see you like that do you need to get angry do you need to go scream at the top of your lungs you need to go punch a pillow do you do you need to write this an angry letter to someone and then burn it do all of those things to allow it to express because even as you come into this greater awareness that you are a multi-dimensional being and as you feel your energy shifting and changing it will never be a free ticket out of the observation of polarity it's just right now in our density we are amidst it because that is our catalyst for growth but as our frequency increases we can still see it it doesn't have to necessarily be the our reality based on the meaning that we gave it in the past based likely on what we were taught or some societal ingrained belief but we all have the ability to reframe to rewrite the meaning that we are giving to whatever it is that arises we're not spiritually bypassing it we're not saying oh see it this way because higher self sees it this way saying hey what is it that you need or well maybe maybe there's some forgiveness that needs to happen over the years of judgment for whatever it is that's coming up for you forgiveness that you think you're supposed to be perfect and that perfection is going to get you what you want it's not true hmm so i'd love to hear from you what's going on what are those feels exactly it's like i'm putting in the work but not seeing results hmm well i can tell you mike there's absolutely results um you know the spiritual growth is happening at a subtle level subtle meaning [Music] non-physical yet it manifests as physical now often i use the metaphor of you know spiritual growth as like trying to observe it tangibly can often feel like watching a tree grow so you can't really watch the tree grow and acknowledge its growth it's only upon reflection over time so i'll share this story from one of my clients last week and it was so cool because she has made so many positive shifts in her life honoring honoring her energy making uh choices that support her energy caring for herself whereas let's just say last year it was overworking self-neglect putting everybody first not taking time to connect with spirit to connect with nature to connect with plants you all of that it was and so because of that it showed up which i think is pretty obvious at this point that the choices that we make every day are creating the energy in which we inhabit mentally and physically and so and spiritually right and so she acknowledged how the year prior there were these certain situations circumstances that came up and she remembered how she dealt with them which how she felt was wow poorly poorly didn't feel good all around kids didn't want to be around her all kinds of stuff then there's that spark there's something brighter over there the spark of energy healing spark of a crystal spark of nature wow taking this walk every every day really allows me to feel good and i feel way better throughout my day and i'm a whole lot nicer to the people around me there might be something there something there that the mind couldn't have previously known or predicted but could have only been experienced through the actual doing and even though she knew that that way of being really sucked and this way of being feels really good that's not always enough to make that shift to make that shift as you do that you have to acknowledge why would i not choose the choices that make me feel better over the choices that make me feel like crap that make me feel stuck that make me feel small and that's what we were talking about at the beginning of this live that space in between why we wouldn't make that shift so she makes the shift in so many different ways brings in those walks those moments of care and this year she was able to reflect that there was actually very similar circumstance that occurred in the year where she was feeling like crap versus this year where she was taking care of herself and she was able to see how same circumstance same situation played out differently based on how she chose to interface with it give meaning to it care for herself throughout it that's a miracle that is a miracle and that is only a gift that you can give yourself no one else is going to tell you or give you that permission we can look for permission crystals give us permission and that's okay because we've also been programmed so heavily that we need permission this transmission is a permission so knowing that while you might not see it on this physical level like like you said this is where the observance comes in because this is energy there's you can't there's no faking it showing up and being with yourself and making choices every day that care for your energy and the way that you interface with everything it's not just the sitting on the meditation pillow it's not just the sitting with the crystal it's not just the walk in nature it's connecting to the frequency in those exchanges and then you're telling yourself like on all levels wow this energy frequency is possible because i'm embodying it right now so truly as you are interfacing with your day you can activate any energy of your choosing and take breaks at any time of your choosing and shift your energy like that or the shifting like that is either shifting the meaning shifting where the mind is going or if it's something that needs to be felt needs to be addressed needs to be listened to you call in that beautiful energy that you cultivated on that walk or in that meditation practice or while you were sitting with that crystal and you say let's hold the part of me that's feeling whatever it is feeling going through whatever it is going through that is where you are the creator you get to take responsibility for how the growth is able to blossom and flourish in the little things that you're doing every day this is of your power it is of your power and it is working there is no way around it if you are showing up and caring for your energy the energy that is moving through you is the lens through which you see and the magnetism through which you attract and whatever it is that is showing up for you even if it is not your preference why is it showing up not to curse you not to punish you but to say wow here i am again here i am again and can you hold me in a new way it might mean that you've got to follow the timeline because there's hurt aspects of our self still running their streams through our present reality every day we go through this especially as we do the work and become more clear as i've said i get current all the time and so often it might be this anger this frustration coming through from 16 year old self who didn't know how to express herself or didn't speak her truth in a certain relationship because she didn't want to she thought that then it would be all over she'd ruin it for expressing that energy is not forgotten and so it comes in now as you are doing the work and this is where it can get tricky for the mind or for the ego because it's not coming up saying that you're like going backwards or it's not working it's saying this is my opportunity to be met by this energy that you are cultivating now you are creating the relationship with yourself now that whatever past version of you that didn't receive it then gets to experience it now this is how we are multi-dimensional this is how we are multifaceted this is how all time is available in the now as these currents move through us they move through us based on such a higher intelligence that comes through as to what is going to support our highest growth and expansion at that time or at that chapter wow now i'm seeing that as i am desiring abundance or more pleasure or more joy or whatever it is okay past versions of self that we're not in a place of joy that didn't believe they deserved joy that didn't know joy that didn't know pleasure didn't think they deserved pleasure there are gonna all the troops are gonna come in so that my ear is ringing we are on to something as that as they come in like wow underneath it this is why it's not coming this is why it's not being realized because there's a part of me that's still it's still on that track that's actually scared and this is where the clarity comes in as well that's scared that oh my gosh then what if i okay the abundance is right there the pleasure is right there the joy is right there so why wouldn't i fully step into it and embody it i don't know how long it's gonna last i don't know if i can hold on to it well what if i get it and then so we're so scared of not knowing what the thing it is that we desire is going to create within us that's what creates the feeling of being blocked that's what creates the feeling of being blocked the feeling of being stuck because we can see so clearly what's on the other side why aren't i there i'm doing all the things but it's because everything is being given to you these opportunities no not your preference all the time but it's saying here's the opportunity to see the belief to feel into the fear to talk to that part of yourself that says we're totally safe to embody this feeling frequency of whatever it is i am desiring because that's where it begins we will we do not we won't be able to have the container to hold the actual physical manifestation if we are not activating that current within us prior and that's where it can get so tricky where the higher self the intuitive self can see and can know the heart can feel but we hit this wall because we're not doing the work of of facing what's going on underneath the surface but this is why life and how everything is orchestrated is such a blessing because it shows up in our physical reality what we're saying what we're hearing stands out the triggers the emotions whatever it may be that is being highlighted for you is the pointing arrow into your subconscious and that is through the relationship with self that is why meditation or time for meditation is so valuable it's not about perfection it is simply about showing up for yourself and allowing for your inner energy to express without you judging it that's it it's not it's not even about quiet the mind or the it has to look this way or we can do so many meditations look my meditations the guided ones i love i'm like way up in there the pleiadian star system but that i can get as much work done there i can gain as many downloads there but it's for my human self it's for my human self as she's processing her humanness it's not a bypass ticket until i get to some state and not have to do that work so this is really such a big essence and inspiration for crystalline embodiment i would love to know how many of you are going to be there tomorrow night if you want to share in the comments and if you're not yet enrolled in the facebook group there's a link in the bio and what this is really celebrating this master class is this full-on download that has come through me is coming through me around this practice of what i call crystalline embodiment yes alexis yes gemma julia it's awesome julia i saw your your completely completely it's blowing our own mind it's proving our subconscious wrong it's that's what this exchange is alicia yes yes yes because the you know this kind of an offering from me to you is really you know it's cultivated a on really my whole spiritual life journey it's downloads that came through that i could no longer ignore and had to carve space in my life for it to come through my mind didn't want to believe that my ego didn't want to believe that but my soul my intuition knew that that's what was going to happen i didn't know the exact end result i didn't know all the downloads that were going to come through but i allowed them to and then i got to put the pieces together and what i can see now is how relevant it is to this discussion but so many of my client sessions and so many of you that are asking this question and desiring to get to know these spirited parts of you your intuitive gifts and to make this process so real because it doesn't matter how many classes on cultivating your intuition or learning about crystals that you take and that's why this is what is coming through this is where it all begins it will it will always feel like a missing link if we are not equipped both intellectually and consciously so that we can have a context for what is happening because even me sharing this to you is helping the part of you that didn't have a context for what you were interfacing with before so it's already clearing it's already activating and giving you your power back so it brings a context for what we're actually working with when we can see these gifts when we can see there's more out there we can see and feel these greater visions or desires yet we're at a standstill and by me creating this course it's really this opportunity to say this is how you get to interface with this on your own so that the sessions the one-on-one work that we do together is powerful and through the roof but you have the tools to bring into your daily life and then bring in the crystals bring in the intuitive prowess bring in your multi-dimensional nature but it will always feel like a missing link if those are the things that are coming first and you think that they're gonna give you what you actually desire you've been a saving grace for me lately oh alana i'm so delighted to hear that welcome welcome i love your light language oh thank you hello everybody truly nurturing our own spirit yeah and it's not you know it's not the perfection we think i think it can be so easy you know we think about our spirit our true self and that feels so good it feels pure it knows love it sees the bigger picture but caring for our spirit is caring for the totality it's caring caring for every lifetime even the lifetimes that you did unspeakable things it's not just about caring for the perfect part of us it's not just caring for the part of us that knows only love it's not just about caring for our compassionate side is caring for our jealous side it's caring for our judgmental side it's caring for our angry side in a new way and look just ages zero to seven don't do this don't feel this this is wrong you are shameful don't express that way be this way be good then you are lovable then you get a reward then you get a treat be perfect then x y and z we are breaking that program and we are activating new empowering codes because we are still running off of those programs that were instilled at such a young age and when we go through these times like the full moon or we go through these chapters of up leveling we're not creating more space or disconnection from our greater totality we are actually merging even more so with our greater totality and that is why on the spiritual path as the frequency raises as the light turns on we see it all and this is where i have reiterated over and over again where when we hit that place of the light is turning on and now i'm seeing the greater totality within myself within others with other people and then we start identifying as an empath and then we start to say we need all the crystals for protection and we need to have all the cloaks and all the things and then we're limiting ourselves and we're contracting rather than knowing this is part of the process this is part of the process and this is your gift just because we haven't yet been given a manual for how to do this part of being a human for very distinct reasons but we are here to discover it for ourselves discover it on our own within community being guided but this is this is where we take the true responsibility the true power of responding to life as it is to you as you are and knowing that there is a better way than just showing up when the light turns on and doing the same thing that we've been programmed to do before which is judge the darkness judge what we don't know all the things and then we do the same thing to ourselves because all of that darkness and shadow is reminding us of that which is unhealed within us or else we wouldn't be triggered by it from the outside doesn't mean it doesn't exist that polarity doesn't exist the more loving we are the more accepting we are oh it sure does but how we interface with it is different not based on spiritual conceptualization or intellectualization or memor memorization of how to be spiritual it's only through doing the inner work then you can get to that place to authentically be able to hold space for whatever it is that is arising wherever it falls on the persp the spectrum let me know how does this resonate with you and if there are any other energies that are coming up for you this woman in these last few minutes that we have together now is the time and so i know that some of you just hopped on in the past few minutes so tomorrow night i'm leading a free master class first free master class through the kamali temple it just spoke and is so loudly so loudly through me and i feel so psyched to share this with you so the master class we are going to dive fully into what this whole practice concept of crystalline embodiment actually is we're gonna make space in our own body for those frequencies to land and to activate so that you can get to know them right away through that process we'll talk about all of this stuff all this stuff that we've touched upon this evening and more about why we're not actually getting to that place that we desire to be embodying the frequencies that we desire to embody because that's what we're looking for in crystals but the crystals came in loud and clear they said we're getting in the way we're getting in the way and so me being the keeper of the crystal kingdom that i am i had to listen i felt it in every cell of my body i did not want to admit it but they said specifically we are getting in the way this is not what we had planned we are being we are basically being utilized as this the programs that are instilled in humanity's energy body of relinquishing power to outside forces and sources is exactly what we were continuing to do with the crystals they said no more this comes first this comes first for the authentic discovery the authentic experience the authentic embodiment that is the only way that is the only way so the master class will be tomorrow night and for all that tune in i'm doing a special pre-party price for the four week course that is coming up on may 12th so if this is a four week course coming up may 12th we're going to meet every wednesday night and we're going to dive fully in for two hours each night all about this concept of crystalline embodiment that is not just me teaching you a concept teaching you something to memorize teaching you a practice teaching you a method we're not doing that anymore this is a transformative i call it a soul initiation because it is just like an energy healing session with me it's like that that essence because each class is an activation each class is a healing each class is a mind blown open experience and it's personal for each and every one of you and i can absolutely guarantee that if you choose to show up if you feel called to enter into that space that there's no way around it changing your life and in ways that you can intuitively already feel and also in ways that are just spirit's gift to you the things that we could have never previously known and only through our own series of choices our own showing up are those gifts and those miracles able to be revealed and that is how spirit moves through us if we so choose if we are willing and so we're going to create such a sacred and safe space so we can begin to have that experience once and for all authentically and with each other it's absolutely absolutely beautiful absolutely inspiring and through us of course shifting our frequency in this way embodying our own true crystalline nature that energy ripples outwards that's the only way when you make those changes and choices for yourself you give others permission to do the same far beyond verbalization thank you all for sharing and for opening up and for being here if you're not yet in the facebook group for crystalline embodiment the link is in my bio and i can't wait to share that space with you tomorrow night if you have any other questions about crystalline embodiment about working with me about what you're going through challenges struggles send me a dm let it out because i know that you are not going to be the only one that is experiencing this and it will lead to another wonderful transmission and activation and help to just crack these these aspects of our subconscious open that the unknowing that the places that we feel stuck the face places where we feel bound we just start to speak it even if we don't know the answer we don't know the cause we start to crack it open and we can have these discussions so we don't have to feel either so alone or so contracted or like the ego who doesn't want to admit that it doesn't know it's okay it's okay to admit you don't know why you're feeling a certain way it's okay to not know the answer express that too express that to what is looping for you what is cycling for you what is being illuminated for you express it treat this invisible energy as real because it is really happening and your voice your written expression is how we can turn that invisible energy into manifested form so i thank you all for being here sharing this time and space for yourselves and for each other it has been an absolute delight i'm sending such a big hug to all of you i know how brave you are for showing up and for receiving this for receiving these words that sometimes we don't want to hear we wish that there was another way for sure and i totally get it i totally get it it's just how many other things are we going to try i have so many clients like this tried everything i've tried everything i've done all the classes all the courses this is my gift i have the ability to see i have the ability to hear and feel what's going on underneath the surface there's nothing wrong with you there's nothing wrong with you we just that haven't been given a road map but that is what the crystalline embodiment it's not just the map but it's instilling the compass no more just receiving maps diagram of the chakras that class that spiritual teacher that tick tock video whatever it may be they're not fully landing because you can feel it you can feel it so i appreciate i appreciate the vulnerability i appreciate the honesty i appreciate this community so so so much and until tomorrow night again if you're not signed up click the link in the bio sending so much love your way you English (auto-generated)


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