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Updated: Aug 21

The Energy

Working with and connecting to Selenite energy is one of best new rituals you can add to your day to instantly cleanse, harmonize and recharge your energy. Personally, I have a Selenite Wand with me everywhere I go and throughout my home as it works so well at clearing and uplifting energy. I like to think of Selenite Wands like an Auric Comb as you can slowly graze them through your energy field like a high-vibrational shower for your body, mind and spirit. Selenite also works wonders at dissolving EMF frequencies in your workspace and uplifting negativity in your home. Placing Selenite on your body at the end of a long day is also a great way to reset your energy and assist your body's natural digestion. Digestion of not only food but emotions, thoughts, experiences and all that you take in through your sensory organs. Selenite slabs and charging plates are also commonly used to cleanse any crystal of negative or stagnant energy build up.

Suggested Use:

For general daily maintenance and great as an energetic self-care when you feel overwhelmed or depleted.

Graze through your energy field like an "Aura Comb" to cleanse and uplift

Place on your body the long way (in the direction of your spine) to support energetic digestion

Place a Selenite Wand or Charging Plates under your feet while working on the computer

Set up Selenite Towers in your home or workspace to keep the energy clear and to illuminate your space with high-vibrational energy

Charge your crystals by placing them on a Selenite Slab or Charging Plate

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