Quantum Manifestation, Free Will + Co-Creating with the Divine

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Co-Creating with the Divine This is an incredible power available to us all, so let’s unpack what’s getting in the way 🙌🏽✨




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my starting just by connecting to your breath coming fully in hello hello everybody i've got quite the conversation to have this afternoon turning evening [Music] as you arrive in this space welcome my name is kema if you're new to the kamali temple oh let's just take a minute together to connect to breathe to open our vessel to receive i hope that this energy is surrounding the new moon and eclipse is treating you well it's a potent time it is certainly a potent time so this is a really big topic that [Music] i know i will be speaking about even beyond today but this is really to kind of crack the surface to this truly amazing tool that we have as humans to create our reality and you know honestly at this point when i'm i'm showing up here it's really me doing what i'm told doing what i'm told from my higher self from my spiritual support team and you know when i show up not only on instagram but with every course class offering it's the same thing it's what i get it's what i get when i sit in stillness every day and over the course of sitting in stillness every day and my higher support knowing that i'm on board if there is something that i'm meant to receive it comes in and often you know if it's something it's always obviously connected to me personally in the way that i'm always evaluating my personal experience with the topic and my personal views because often when something comes in it might actually be something that i'm meant to first explore embody get to know before i share it with my community being you and there's no telling how much time that will take and one of the you know there's been a few big messages that have come in over the past year and one of them has been the awareness that we are the creators or you could say co-creating with the divine our reality or we have the ability to do that so as this message came in and as some of you know i've had i'm regularly you know channeling higher dimensional beings and through the medium of telepathic communication and light language and there have been a handful of times where i've actually like verbally channeled a higher dimensional being and this particular higher dimensional being is a future version of myself and because the times that she's come through have been like the most kind of profound experiences that i've had so i never i mean i never forget what it said but especially these they're always like very direct and to the point and um of like the highest impact on not only my life but humanity so it's almost like like the most uh potent the most potent little truth bombs that she can land because from what i gather it takes her a lot to actually enter into my form in that way so she makes it worth it so the last big message that she shared was around creating one's reality and honestly what was so interesting was that yeah that was kind of a general awareness of course i've said that i've i've probably posted something about it on instagram or you know shared that topic in some way but i didn't really immerse myself in it i didn't um think about it in the way that i do now because when she comes through i'm like okay this is something very important and i have to listen and it's not just a statement oh create your reality it was said with a fervor we are creators and so i had to sit with what my if i had resistance to that being a total truth because she laid out for me why we're not in alignment with that truth and the big reason is responsibility the big reason why we don't want to believe we choose not to believe that we are the creator is because we do we don't want to take the responsibility especially when things aren't going our way or something shows up in our life that our ego does not want to admit that it created or attracted and you know compiled on that our conditioned nature is to allow external sources and forces to dictate the nature of our reality for us telling us what to do telling us what to like telling us what to eat telling us what to think telling us what to feel telling us how to be a human you know the whole thing and i know there were times in my life certainly i remember being in high school and i so desperately wanted my parents to tell me what to do where to go next should i go to college should i go travel like and i remember being at that age and they wouldn't tell me and ultimately i you know i probably wouldn't have listened had they but there was this part of me that was like i just want someone else to tell me my plan and what's so interesting and this is just coming to me now you know when we're in high school i don't know if anyone else like they had you take a test online a little quiz to see what like profession you would match up with which i think is really fascinating that we'd allow a quiz online to dictate what our what our focus our professional focus is or should be but i do see because i can remember myself at that time like being like i just want someone to tell me so that i don't have to make this decision and take the responsibility because what if it doesn't work what if i'm wrong and not believing that ultimately i knew and there are still ways that we're playing this out and giving our power away to something outside that basically is saying you know better than my body than my intuition so the responsibility piece is the biggest because as well just because we are living in alignment living in the truth i am the creator that doesn't mean that shit's not gonna happen that's not your preference or that you're going to have to see that you created something based on the energy that you were in at that time but here's the thing that's also pretty awesome if you can look back i know for myself i did not want to believe that i was the creator i didn't think that was possible i thought because look i'm sure some of you are like this too when given the options of what to do i was on a wavelength for a certain period of time that i'm going to choose the one that sounds the most fun and there might be repercussions and i might get in trouble or it might end up like not being fun anymore but i'm choosing the instant gratification or like what sounds the funnest in the now and we'll think we'll we'll deal with it later done that a lot done that a lot and some even more um you know some you just can kind of like whatever skirt on by and some have gotten myself into some really challenging situations but i knew i'm making that choice i made that choice and series of choices that in some cases dug me deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and then all of a sudden you're at the bottom of this hole that you dug yourself into and you're like how am i going to get out when you finally realize this isn't the place that i want to be and i you know this was coming to me because a few of my clients yesterday were in this place where they couldn't see a way out i'll come back to that question in a minute so especially when we're in that time in our life and whether it's like a micro a micro uh chapter or one of those bigger chapters where we realize oh wow i just made a series of bad choices and i'm realizing that this isn't for me this isn't of my highest and now i have to dig myself out this is all how we can tap into the powers of creation it doesn't matter at what point you are or how deep you are in the hole but to be able to look at humbly and say i got myself here i got myself here yeah there were other people involved but i got myself here and there is always a way there is always a way it just requires then another series of consecutive choices that move you from that vibration into the vibration that you desire to be and the way that many of us are interfacing with life is that we get propelled into our highest creations by getting ourselves into that unpreferred territory like being very far away from who we actually are or what is of our highest it's like we need that like kick from life we need to get ourselves to that point so that we're finally saying i don't want to i can't do this anymore i can't run from who i am anymore i can't run from my fullest expression anymore and so we set ourselves up so that we can't go any further in that direction not giving ourselves another choice at least i've done that but the blessing with that even though wildly uncomfortable is that i then authentically knew that's what i wanted and was able to see so clearly the energetics because it wasn't just my physical actions that created that reality underlying beliefs all day long unresolved shadow all day long it wasn't just it wasn't just random and so that's when we say oh wow i'm the creator and someone's handing us this magic wand why wouldn't we take it if we knew which we do on a soul level our soul knows we're just ignoring it but to say wow i i can't just wave this wand because even if i have the vision which we are all getting right now we are all getting activated and this is part of why this conversation is happening now because and i'm going to come back to that so we're all being activated our higher dimensional aspects of self are dropping codes that are awakening within us our greater truth what we're actually capable of revealing the awareness of timelines and of the quantum realms and so as this has been coming through for me i realized that i had underlying beliefs that were actually in resistance to creating my reality so talk about that first chapter that i just expressed but then when you realize no i'm i'm ready to make i'm ready to make really positive soul aligned choices your mind's on board your spirits on board but that underlying subconscious reprogramming has to be done and so for me this has been layers and layers and layers because i was exercising my ability to create my reality but for a long time i was using it for my detriment i was using it for a temporary good time and in the process of that facing shadow after shadow after shadow and so now where i am i'm not sabotaging in that way anymore but what i realized was that huh i had some judgment around manifestation it would annoy me to see all this stuff on manifestation scrolling through social media and i didn't realize that i was doing it and so i had to look at why and there was some outdated stuff there like the outdated stuff around because i had so often gotten myself into into situations that i couldn't wait to get out of ultimately it's like the situation would have the high would happen the situation would go into its depths and then i'd come out on the other side and be like okay things are just chill and i'm gonna let them be chill and i'm not gonna like around with life and i'm just gonna let it be not realizing that that didn't have to be my flow so i didn't want to like reach for something because i didn't trust the choices that i was making because i'm like i'm making these choices and they're turning out to be gigantic shows or completely not in alignment and so i can't trust myself so that needed to be addressed because now i absolutely do so and with that said trusting ourselves enough that if we make a choice if we make a choice to then know that we can be there for ourselves if we realize ultimately that it is not of our highest so the other the other feeling around this was oh when i was younger i definitely i definitely looked at other people creating their reality but i did not want to take that responsibility on because i at when and actually it was like a victim thing where i said well that isn't gonna that can't happen to me look at all these situations that have happened in my life look at all this look at all of these choices that i've made i had so many caps that were placed on what i was capable of because i thought well if that's possible then that would already be here why wouldn't that already be my life so this is how our mind negates and dims our light ultimately the subconscious doing exactly what it's programmed to do which is perceive and seek outside experiences to validate the the underlying beliefs right the things that you believe to be true even though they are not a permanent truth so if we believe that we're not capable of x y and z then life is going to reflect back to us that narrative that story and that's though and that's such a weird way that the subconscious then creates its safety because it's saying i know this i know this is going to happen i'm keeping you safe because i'm seeing this thing that you've programmed me to see but it holds us back in so many ways so with the so then now even like moving forward because i did i was judging manifestation i don't know i thought it was like pulling p like i had these judgments that manifestation and all this focus was like people talking about like the like like these things that i didn't identify with you know like the fancy stuff and i was like i'm cool where i am i'm cool i don't that's not me i'm not like i don't i'm not like a manifestation babe like that was not something that i resonated with and so i was like that's for them but what's but do you see how because of that judgment completely limiting the actual authentic experience with the powers of creation that were and are available and i say this because maybe some of you as well are going through these feelings because we are on some level through our practice of conscious presence i mean my favorite moments are in stillness in like silence with nothingness i'm like yes please more more more more of this all the time but then i'm also so radically and wildly fascinated by the by the quantum and subtle energetics and what we're actually capable of in this lifetime and i got that aries fire so as much as i love like saying oh yeah i'm just i'm just chill and cool where i am i'm also like what else is in store every day new awarenesses are waking up within me and within others and what's opening up in my sessions is beyond anything i could have ever imagined [Music] it's like everything's just getting cracked open even more and even more and i'm like even on the healing side it's just like every day i'm like what do you got bring it bring it trigger me so that i can see what's still hiding because each time we're able to excavate what is still hiding we're creating the space for more of who we really are to emerge and that is manifestation and creation it is not something like what part of my mind wanted to say was like superficial no no maybe someone else's reflection of that kind of creation is but in every single moment we are creating based on our inner energy manifesting in physical form this is the natural way of the process this is how it goes everything in our physical body in our physical reality is a manifestation of an underlying energy that is in existence generated by our thoughts but it can as well be infused with our spirit and so this is part of the energy of quantum manifestation the other thing that my mind had a really hard time grasping because i can definitely see and this is like my younger mind has all had always kind of gone between like free will divine plan what is already been written what do we have the freedom and flexibility to play with do we actually have free choice because a lot of times i'm like i feel completely led and you know i love there's a story that ram das tells about his guru and he's like gets to this certain point where he's like am i making these choices i think i'm making these choices but why does he know the choices that i'm making like is he making like who's making the choices here and so i always have these kind of humble exchanges but that was also taking me out of my power and i only know that now through being the living proof of making conscious choices that are in alignment with the frequencies that i ultimately desire so what my mind had a hard time with was the understanding of the quantum is that there are infinite potentials and possibilities already in existence for each of us and this isn't logical this isn't logical but if that is so right we do all have this kind of map that our soul has agreed to in this human experience as far as things to learn things to overcome for our greater growth and expansion but then there's also absolutely free will where we get to decide how we are going to creatively express along that path and in terms of possible outcomes they are in essence all playing out all playing out but it's up to us consciously in the now if we are getting these activations these visions these desires they're not necessarily like the house or the car right it's it's more soul aligned and heart centered you're like i just am desiring this feeling which is ultimately all that it is we have the we have the full capability of first off seeing the multitude of different visions that are available to us the multiple versions of our reality that have the potential of playing out they are infinite created not only by our choices but first and foremost created by the frequency that we embody the frequency that we embody because then again that is the underlying energy that is eventually slowing down to be made manifest in human form so with that being said what i realized and what i realized because this has become such a point of focus in so many of my client sessions because ultimately we feel the dissonance between where we are and where we desire to be and sometimes that where we desire to be we think has to be given to us by someone else has to like can only be given to us when we've achieved some sort of level can only be given to us in terms of like something physical and material but that's not true i've operated that way and one of the kind of tests that i've been that i committed to myself was when i took my business online over a year ago i said i'm not doing things the old way anymore and i'm putting this kind of concept into practice because i tell you this shift has not occurred in such a positive way because i have because i'm like intellectualizing my way through it or because i'm using some sort of social media method or internet marketing method no it's all energetics it's absolutely all energetic and the other thing that that i realized was that i've created the physical thing over and over and over again and it didn't it doesn't matter what the physical thing is even if your mind has idealized the partner or the work because look i've been doing healing work for over 13 years and my relationship to my work has not always been the same i haven't always fully enjoyed it and that wasn't because of anything other than me it doesn't matter what the actual thing is the physical thing it all has to do with the feeling frequency that you're experiencing the choices that you are making and the energy that you are choosing to infuse into that which you do because shifting my business online could have at first i had to face all the stories i was telling myself that were that were setting me up for it to be a really sucky experience there was a lot of them and i excavated that and was able to say well how do i want this to feel i had to own those feelings i had to then also look and say okay what is it that i am thinking that i need or desiring from others to give me that i'm not getting that i'm not receiving and again this is this is where it's full responsibility i have to do this in my partnership all the time because i find myself being like well i want this from you and i have every single time i feel that coming up writing it down wow could i possibly give that to myself could i possibly give that to myself yeah and yeah and yeah and it's always what leads me back home and then when i start working with that i'm like wow why can't i embody this frequency and then the this is where why i've been doing this so much with clients because this is deep subconscious work to say why can i not receive just the frequency never mind the physical thing of that which i desire which is why it doesn't matter what you're doing for work or who your partner is or so on and so forth if the underlying energy isn't being cultivated embodied expressed so to be able to then say wow if it truly is if i can believe this is how deep our programming is that we don't that we there's so many layers in the way of us believing that that we are actually capable of manifesting of creating any possible timeline if it's soul-aligned and heart-centered and not coming from a place of need or lack all that is required is connecting to the feeling frequency of that which we desire and we bring it in and this is where the free will choice comes in because as we attune to these frequencies and we say any per any frequency in existence is my divine birth rate because it is actually in abundance all around you we all have the ability to activate any frequency that we desire that does not mean that it's going to fully land or that we're going to embody it because we might not have the space we might have so many beliefs that are going on that are deflecting resisting that energy which is why it's that way in terms of our greater reality so when we invite those feeling frequencies in that is a free will choice that we make not only daily but throughout the day wow does do my are my choices aligning with this frequency that i've been wanting someone else to give me or that i've been thinking as somewhere in the future and we then have the power not only to embody that frequency but to infuse it into anything and everything that we choose you can sit down to do computer work and you can choose to do that from a place of stress you can choose to grumble in your head tell stories about whatever that you know doesn't feel good in your body or you can sit down light a candle take a few breaths put on some soothing music or whatever it is that's going to jazz you up whatever it is that is your desired frequency of that day maybe it's sexiness maybe it's playfulness maybe it's joy maybe it's peace whatever you get to choose this is your free will choice to create your reality even though the computer work seemingly the same you got to create that experience for yourself and in turn create the energy that you are embodying and expressing and that strengthens and that's what lifts you into those higher vibrational states into that into the quantum it's allowing us to embody those feeling frequencies no matter what our physical reality is at that time and so through our free will choice is how we bring that into the now out of the future and into the now but so often because we're still so attached to the stories of our past and those underlying belief systems even though we're we're getting hit with these codes and these downloads and these visions and these desires are waking up we're not able to bring them into form but we can we all can we all have that ability and so as some of you may have seen i am going to be leading a master class that i'm super excited about which is all on this topic and really giving you kind of the full on map the way that my guides literally showed me this is how you get from point a to point b this is how you do it it's phenomenal i've been putting it into practice myself i've been working with this with clients it's phenomenal so the master class is really just because this information wanted to be shared and i find it to be the greatest tool i mean i know that we're here to to make the most out of why we're here and so if we can have a better guide as to navigating the underlying energetics that are creating our reality in each and every moment and allowing ourselves to release because i know the releasing part is absolutely necessary i've been releasing up until this point to be where i am at this point and there's still so much more to go so much more to go but to have the map i find to be incredibly helpful i know there was a question up here a little while back i used to believe going with the flow and having no boundaries was a power to react but then also believed i couldn't choose my path or it was too much to handle now i realize i get to choose yes we all have a choice and the only reason why we would tell the story that we don't have a choice is some is an underlying victim mentality you know something that we were likely conditioned with at you know in our in our earlier years oh thank you for sharing that if anyone else has any questions i would love to answer them for you all i'm curious as well you know what what the resistances are because to me it seems like a pretty amazing concept to allow to land that i'm the creator i'm the creator that's pretty radical and so why why wouldn't we is the question why wouldn't we knowing that that's what we are knowing that when something is so aligned and for our highest it is revealed to us it is being revealed to us all the time and that doesn't mean that the manifestation is what our mind thinks it's going to be and this is that co-creation with the divine because sometimes we create experiences and are led to experiences on the way to our greatest growth that we must go through in order to check our baggage and leave it so that we can move in to expand into that next level so i'd love to know what are those beliefs about what is possible for you you know is it that someone else gets to have it so send me a dm let me know what's been coming up for you so we can keep this conversation going it's true true magic that we have coming out of our fingertips from our inner energy that is just awaiting a waiting to be expressed and it gets to look and it gets to feel exactly as you desire it to and knowing that whatever comes up as you are attuning to that frequency is a life showing you exactly what is in the way of its fullest expression and manifestation which is existing right now in the quantum so i thank you all for being here and for sharing this time and space with me [Music] i hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening and that you take some time for yourself to just sit and breathe and do some journaling because this new moon and eclipse is quite powerful it's actually a really potent potent time uh to as mahan rashkar said break the addiction with our mind and put something new put something new into action making that choice based on this frequency how to make the best of this new moon yeah exactly this is exactly what i'm expressing so when we're saying if we know that where we are has ultimately be been generated by the stories of our mind if we know that we get to say i know when i'm sitting and operating through my day all of you have the intelligence to know how your thoughts are making you feel when you're just sitting with yourself what comes up and you start to notice and this is why meditation can be challenging for so many at first because or not even just at first because we're sitting with our thoughts we're sitting with our thoughts and our thoughts we are able to then observe from that perspective we're able to observe how our thoughts are making us feel which is why it can be so uncomfortable but this opportunity is for you to look at your thoughts and say wow i've been addicted to you thoughts that are not making me feel very good and you can journal and you can just purge write them all down write them all down some of them are going to be you know this is why energy healing work is so profound and powerful because you're able to get to the origin of these stories that you're telling yourself that don't feel very good and we have the opportunity to rewrite and rewire them but you have the ability to journal them out and begin to tell yourself new stories that you choose and when you find your mind going to that old story thanking it and saying no now we're shifting gears over here you get to be the commander of that ship but having it journaled out is incredibly helpful so that you know oh wow i get to turn the dial from that negative thought that was creating this uncomfortable feeling and i get to turn the dial to something that does you this is again this is free will choice this is creating your reality this is how you do it and this full moon in eclipse is that perfect opportunity to say not only am i breaking up with you old thought that's making me feel like crap i'm turning the dial to this new frequency i'm embodying that frequency and then i am making choices that affirm that newness the newness is not going to be shown to you you create the newness by making choices based on that feeling frequency that is your power okay how do we change our job if you're not sure what you're capable of yet oh i love this question because it's not about changing your job it's not about changing your job it's about changing your energy think about this what it's not even about knowing because you don't know i ca i don't know what i'm fully capable of i know that it's infinite and i know what you're capable of is infinite but i don't know what that fully looks like because we are creating a reality in each and every moment so here's what you do even though you're not sure what that end result is because blessed that you don't because again we are living in an existence of infinite potential and possibility to allow that to land that is quantum so you actually get to say i'm gonna get wildly creative and how would i most ideally love to feel throughout throughout my day no matter what the job is because look it doesn't again matter what your job is you can be an energy healer and feel like crap all day long if right it doesn't matter what the job is it is how you take personal responsibility for your own energy as you interface and interact throughout the day so you get to decide more so on a daily basis how do you show up for yourself how do you care for yourself what are you thinking about what choices are you making to support your highest health wealth and well-being that is how you create that relationship to you you start to shift your inner frequency you start to shift how you show up you start to shift how you care for yourself and then you get to notice oh i get to create a relationship with these these feeling energies that i'm generating that i desire to be in it's all about the energy you are again creating that experience it doesn't matter what the physical thing is you are creating it you are creating that experience so where can you assess your day and look where what's taking my energy away and it is not another person it's about how you are interfacing the meaning you are giving to each and every experience and how you can really just up the quality of what you're already doing giving yourself some extra love in the shower saying some mantras you know every hour whatever taking a moment to place your hands on your heart and take a few deep breaths drinking plenty of water basking in the sun all these things all these things are available to you and it doesn't matter what you do for work thank you for asking that i'm paralegal but it doesn't feel uh it doesn't feel aligned with what i feel inside and i want to make a shift so again be the frequency be the frequency and know again infinite potential and possibility but it's this part of your mind that wants to know the outcome instead can you let yourself have fun exploring what would potentially light you up what would potentially excite you and then also see where can you bring a new energy into the work that you're already doing where can you create more space for yourself where can you recreate more time for yourself where can you utilize the space that you do have and start infusing it with the things that you actually desire and the things that actually excite you and now you might not even know because we're also radically changing or like i don't know what excited me last year doesn't excite me this year this is your relationship to you this is you having fun with wow what would excite me today every day it doesn't matter about tomorrow today i have an hour oh maybe i'm going to go for a walk wow going to the beach would be really nice oh maybe i'm going to read this new book or oh i'm going to check out this new class or whatever this is you creating a relationship with you that i can give you the map for that but i can't tell you what that is because anytime then if we were to google what's the best thing for me to do we would do it but it wouldn't be soul and heart aligned intentions i'm not sure what that is supposed to look like yeah i mean this is all kind of along the same story anything that you are anything that you are intending so an intention is basically saying i am infusing this frequency this quality of presence for some sort of a desired outcome so setting an intention can be for you it could be my intention for this month is to create more space and time for myself and to not pressure myself that i'm that i need to know what the end result is but that i actually get to connect with myself in this time that i have and ask myself the question what would be most exciting so my intention is making the most out of the time and space that i do have and my intention is giving myself the permission to follow what most excites me without needing to know the end result try that out so you get to set the intention based on the frequency that you are desiring to attune to it's not about someone else giving it to you it's about you saying wow this is actually what i want to and am desiring to create and if it's something that you're saying that you want in the future you just you start to connect with the energies that you think that version of you is going to embody it's not even about again the end thing what does that version of you who's in her dream job even though you don't know what that dream job is maybe the dream job doesn't even exist for you yet but you get to say whoa she feels so confident she feels so light she feels so connected she feels so joyful whoa there are your feeling frequencies those are the intentions that you said i intend to connect with these energies today i intend to make choices that are more in alignment with these energies today i get to infuse everything that i'm doing today whether it's computer work or washing the dishes or taking a walk or whatever i actually get to infuse everything that i do with the energies that i choose and blessings to you so happy that you tuned in oh and we'll leave it on that unless anyone else has a uh a question to drop in but we're i highly highly recommend if you're feeling lit up by this conversation i um i'm going to be offering that master class next sunday the 20th it's an hour and a half really easy commitment but like a full-on deep dive into all of these topics and then we're going to do a five day free challenge afterwards so that you get to be held accountable and we're gonna show up every day and we are going to activate these frequencies and see what comes up in our daily life so i thank you all for for being here for tuning in and i can't wait to to hear more about how this is showing up for you in your reality sending my love and the link is in the bio by the way the link is in the bio to sign up you English (auto-generated)

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