Psychic Body Ritual + Activation

Enjoy this free ritual that will bring you in touch with and empower your body's inherent psychic wisdom. You will be guided through an energetic clearing, anchoring and radiating practice to recalibrate your inner and outer energy fields. This is paired with a practice that is geared to help you build and strengthen your inner psychic senses. Each time you do this you will be activating a connection with your intuitive abilities and your own unique energetic blueprint.





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greetings beautiful beings my name is Kayma i am the owner founder creator over here at the kamali temple and here at the kamali temple i have such a big passion for merging the non-physical with the physical and giving the women that i work with the opportunity to get to know themselves in that really deep and profound way merging with their intuition their higher self their psychic abilities because this is within us all it is within us all we all have a psychic body that is the that is the word the words together that i love to use to describe our magic psychic body because our body knows our body is the home of our intuition it's the home of our higher self it's the home of our spirit sometimes we think that our higher self or our spirit is somewhere out there and we have to jump through hoops to reach her but we don't but we don't we just have to peel away the layers of what is in the way of us believing that she is and so today we're going to peel some of those layers away and that can be maybe sources that you've plugged into that weren't your own that you let dictate who you are who you should be we're gonna unplug from those we're gonna allow for some of what we may be holding on to that is perhaps clouding up our energy that's not ours we're gonna allow that to peace out as well and then you're gonna give yourself this opportunity as we shed those layers of who we are not what emerges from within is the truth of who we are our divine essence and that is available to us and when we tap into that place we tap into that place within we allow her to speak however she wants to speak today but by peeling away the layers of what we are not and that which is not ours we're able to then observe that which is and so whatever comes to life for you in this moment is exactly what your spirit desires to express through you and so all you'll need to do is observe observe what arises and you'll do so through your inner senses your inner senses of feeling and that can be the feeling of a sensation you might actually feel energy move in your body a particular quality of energy like density or lightness restriction fluidity you might feel a temperature or a pulse you might feel a particular emotion or emotions just observe and observe if they come to life in one particular area or is it a full body experience so you have inner feeling then there's inner vision inner vision is what comes to life for you behind closed eyes and that can be colors that can be lights that can be images of people places things that you know that you don't know it can also be through inner listening so sounds tones words messages all that can come in in those moments of quiet what emerges and then there is just this overall sense so this is the impression the overall impression that you receive from an experience and so that would mean that maybe you didn't feel anything maybe you didn't see anything maybe you didn't hear anything but you could detect that subtle difference between when you first began and then what your experience was after we allowed those layers to release or when we call in your higher self you have an experience that you know the energy shifted but you just can't place it so that's an overall impression and know that it will just be perhaps one of these subtle senses that comes to life for you or perhaps all there's no expectation and know that if you feel like i'm just not connected just by listening to my words your higher self your mind your body knows that you are listening and through just the intention and receiving the words so it is so we will get started and you can find a comfortable place to sit or lie down if you so choose once you get settled in be sure that your palms are face up arms are not crossed legs are not crossed feet planted into the earth or if you're on your back just let your toes split open you're not there already your eyes can close and the natural rhythm of your breath brings you in into your body into this moment into the peace of the here and now with gentle awareness just tune in to the support beneath you whether that be a chair [Music] a cushion [Music] the floor feeling that structure supporting you and letting your awareness fall further still to the presence of mother earth rising to meet you in this moment just as you are and as you feel her rise to meet you feel as your body softens let's go held by the cradle of mother earth let your body go layer by layer your exhales wash through you like a magical inner waterfall relieving any holding any tension anything not yours let it go completely anything you've been carrying any outdated energy who you are not washes out with each breath out you can feel yourself getting lighter more clear even more refreshed now from within there is this energy that remains blossoming at your heart the seed of your true divine essence and now with each inhale that divine essence blossoms open more and more becomes brighter and more luminous the energy from that blossom then carries throughout your whole inner being illuminating your cells every fiber of your being blessed with your own unique divinity observing with your subtle senses any shifts what's coming to life you don't need to try or create or figure out you just get to observe what arises for you what does it feel like to be in the energy of this blossom of your divinity of your unique divine essence now permeating every cell and radiating outward in all directions shining this light on your whole inner body the physicality of your inner body and the non-physicality of your inner body all of your energetic centers all of your energetic pathways illuminated and again observe what comes up where does it come up what is your energy communicating through your body and just observing as they may just come and go sensations come and go observing so gently compassionately no judgment if tensions arise challenging emotions arise holding yourself in that energy allowing it to move allowing it to express allowing yourself to feel knowing that you are safe allow yourself to feel that feeling allows for natural energetic digestion which allows for a clearing and a refreshing of the energy held in your body so that more of your magic can emerge a breath remains slow and steady uh and so you could absolutely stay here letting your body express and digest where you can slowly just bring your awareness back to that blossoming energy at your heart and feel as it once again floods the entirety of your inner being and now radiates beyond your physical form so that you have this beautiful field around you that is ever replenished by your inner source your true self your true radiance coming from that deep and meaningful inner place authentic true and so it is so i invite you to place your hands on your body one to your belly and one to your heart say to yourself the words i am in here i am in here connect to how you experience yourself in your body in stillness you are still very much alive experience yourself fully here feet to mother earth spy nice and tall heart uplifted fully back and present in your body when you're ready you can open your eyes to return to the room now if you've decided to stay just be sure that you enter back into your body when you're done grounding back into the earth and then i invite you to journal about your experience what came up through your subtle senses what you felt what you saw what you heard any subtle impressions any areas of your body that were speaking up any stories that came to mind memories that surfaced and just start to record these experiences and of course drink plenty of water that's always such a great way not only to ground but to help the body as it continuously will be clearing and cleansing as the ripple effect of this time that you've just taken for yourself of course if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime the kamali temple t-h-e-k-a-m-a-l-i-t-e-m-p-l-e dot com or you can visit me online thank you all so much for showing up for yourself and sharing in this collective energy so much love to you you English (auto-generated)

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