Live Transmission // Multidimensional Channeling

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Diving into the fascinating realms of multidimensionality! In this live learn all about the phenomenal benefits of Multidimensional Channeling, my personal journey of opening to channel and how your Galactic Guides are here to support you creating, experiencing and living your best life. This is the key 🔑 As we expand our consciousness and lift our vibration we are being called to embody and integrate this sacred truth and wisdom in our waking reality. This is the magic. This is the miracle. This is the answer we’ve been waiting for ✨ This video has two parts included in this one video so you will get to a point about 42 minutes in where the live ends and begins again. ... Feeling the call to experience a session?? Visit to book

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everyone is doing wonderful

whatever your reality

is taking you today

hello hello welcome welcome my friends

just take a few

secs here for folks to join

but i do welcome as you settle into this

space that you

just fully arrive in the present grant


a few deep breaths i certainly

know how many times i benefit

from oh just simply taking a pause

and reconnecting remembering

where i am in this time and space


so the message coming through

today is really inspired

by our multi-dimensional

guides and our own multi-dimensional


and this transmission that wanted to be

shared to

really shine some light as to

this kind of greater totality of who

we are and

how this has become such a

really beautiful and

valuable aspect of

my offering here at the kamali temple

and in my own life

so i wanted to share with you um because

i know

that that some of you are new and if

you're new to this space

welcome my name is kayma it's so nice to

be here with you

and many of you have been asking about

my offerings and about what are these

crazy things that you're doing

on instagram reels where you're

moving your hands around and speaking in

this language that i

don't logically understand but my heart

and my body can feel

so i wanted to put this into words and

and share of it with you about

about multi-dimensional channeling

and multi-dimensional beings that are in


so i think the place to start

is just to acknowledge that you know

here we are

in this physical reality as a physical

being we know that

and i know many of you are also

coming to experience yourself as far

more than the physical

far more than the physical we are

getting intuitive

messages we are feeling the energies of

one another

feeling the energies of the collective

we are having our days filled with


and signs we're having really

you know amazing dreams we are tapping


the invisible aspects of our existence


these invisible aspects are basically


moving at a really high frequency so we

can't necessarily

see it or physically experience it

however just like we know through signs

and synchronicities

they are able to translate into physical


and really everything that's showing up

in in our physical form and in our

physical reality

has a an origin that is first in energy

so this is how you know manifestation


we are coming we are aligning with a


and then we are aligning with an emotion

and a frequency and with our focus

with um the proper embodiment we are

then the physical expression of that

and through that exchange the physical

representation that is of our highest

then um is able to come into our life

into a place that we can receive it

so when we're talking about

multi-dimensionality we're

talking about the multitude of

dimensional frequencies

that exist and that exists within us

and all around us so

within ourselves we also have a

multi-dimensional beingness

we have aspects of of our soul

that are existing in higher dimensional


right now and we all as well have higher

dimensional guides

guidance systems that are in existence

right now

just in a realm of existence or a

dimensional existence

that is of a a lighter density

so what is really incredible

in terms of my own journey i have always

you know been fascinated with uh

extraterrestrial beings but i

never associated them with

spirituality um until a few years ago

so i had my you know my spiritual

practice i had

my you know my healing practice as i

still do

and in that work i've always been

working with energy intuitively working


my clients energy body intuitively and

receiving messages

from their guidance from angels etc

so i've always had the the open door to

the spirit world

and then it was you know i started to

come into

the awareness that wow there are these

this whole this whole

wide um this whole like wide world

multiverse of these higher dimensional

beings that

one would typically refer to as

extraterrestrial but

they are um they're actually here as

really potent and powerful guides for us

as we navigate this human experience

so as you know and this is what's so

incredible and

has been such a a beautiful thing to

witness in my own journey and on the

journey of many of my clients

is that there is such a higher

intelligence that

is really supporting our path and our

spiritual growth and expansion

so it's like this incremental build that

i have been shown by my guides

um needed to occur so that i could be in

a place

to to receive uh their frequency and to

be able to receive

their messages and the quality of their

messages it couldn't have happened any


but it was it happened in a most divine


and it was certainly you know as my

belief system expanded

and expanded into the the realms of


my my interest was certainly there but

it was not something that i

anticipated or sought out uh to actually


a multi-dimensional channel

the and multi-dimensional channeling for

me has come through

in a few ways one of them being light


so light language was something that was

i've done you know lives on on this

before but again i know that many of you

are new and so i want to give you the


kind of contextual way to to grasp it

and understand it because

i find it to be of the one of the most

powerful healing experiences that is

available to us

in this life and one that is not just

you know healing for our physical


but one that

phenomenally expands the the limits and

the bounds

of the 3d and brings us into such

a greater understanding of who we really


and what we're capable of in this life

so the light language

opened up like very very

synchronistically um it opened up over

the course of

me posing the question what is this

um it kind of coming into my field i did


i did not logically comprehend it when

it did

i i tried to i thought like oh maybe

this is a word

that or a concept that is used that you

know channels used to describe their

ability to communicate with spirit

and then within uh

two days i came into

contact with this woman jamie who then

became my

one of my teachers who is a light

language channel

and she and so i asked the question

didn't have the understanding

she was revealed to me and then within

the next week

light language started coming through

and i

my mind absolutely even then could not

comprehend it

and even from that point when it started

coming in

um my guides have now shown me how that

was even a very

um very purposeful

build it was it was shown to me in such

a way

so that again i could have the capacity

to hold it

and to be the most kind of grounded and

integrated channel that i can be

so the the light language is basically

it's been described to me in a few

different ways one is a

multiverse translator it is i've

actually been shown

how in the greater multiverse there are

a variety

of different um

multi-dimensional beings and races and


of existence uh far beyond you know what

again we can

like logically comprehend but i have


i have not only experienced my own

higher dimensional selves

in their realities and they're all

existing in many different kinds of

realms and hold many different kinds of


and this is also what i have experienced

with with the sessions that i've done

that i know some of you have experienced

so the so because not everyone in the

multiverse as well speaks the same


light language has become a multiverse


so it's a way that that beings of

different races can also communicate

with one another primarily it's done

telepathically but it is through the

transference of light

that that there is a mutual

understanding that is able to occur

now on our front the the higher


are are here to support our human


now just a little side note that this is

also like

that many of

our higher dimensional selves and guides

are actually in our understanding of

time and space

existing in the future and

so we are all in essence

connected and influencing one another


is part of why they are

are here to support us on our journey

because again it's all

interconnected and all part of the whole

so the beautiful thing as well

is that from where their perspective

their higher dimensional perspective

means that they are outside of

these bounds of time and space and

outside of

the programming and the conditioning

that is embedded

in the the framework of planet earth

we are all i know i know that so many of

you are feeling this

we are being activated with so many

codes of this knowing and this awareness

like never before and we are

like constantly being activated with

the knowing that we are so much more


what we can see and perceive here

physically and materially

and you know this is why you know

crystals were this huge activator

for me and for so many of my clients

because it was this this this physical


that we can't keep our hands off of

can't keep our eyes off of that is this


to the this greater understanding it

creates this this bridge

for our humanness our three d beingness

with the the higher dimensional realms


so these higher dimensional realms that

yes they

that exist with the angelics with the

elementals and what has been coming

through the most for me

has been the galactics so

with the the galactics they are

some of them you know depending on the


dimensional frequency within which they

exist where they are in their own


they can be of physical form

not what we would necessarily perceive

as physical form

although some are many of them are at a

a higher you could say their density is

lighter you can think of dimension as

also density

it is a higher dimensional dimension but

of a

of a of a density that is much lighter

than our physical form

so depending on where they are they

might actually have a physical form

they might be at a stage in their

ascension where they are in between

physicality and non-physicality

and some of the guides that i work with

are not of a physical form

and this has been something that for

our ego can be interesting to navigate

because we want to know

who they are and where they are from and

this is what you know

as i observe the other channels that are

out there

i find it very fascinating that some

just like stick to

to one race because

for me um and the way that my guides

work with me

it's like it's it's always just being

open to what is in the highest

of the client that i am working with it