Live Transmission // The Fear, and Flames, of Change and the magic of 1:1 Mentorship

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

As we are called into our greatness, our fullest truth and expression there is an often uncomfortable threshold standing in our way as we shift and uplift our vibrational density and cruising altitude. If we are willing, we muster up our faith and courageous heart to traverse through the flames of our subconscious into the great unknown. This is mighty and necessary aspect of our spiritual growth and evolution, and one that we are being called forth to embark on and embody like never before.

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Transcript :

so here we are we are amidst gateway right now happening until tomorrow welcome welcome beautiful beings so quite the conversation today oh aka and tori if you're new please write your name in the comments i would love to meet you for those of you that are new my name is kayma founder creator over here at the kamali temple ah and so wow wow you know i've said this before and i'll say it again hi tammy liz this is a really exciting time to be alive and you know it's like the the conscious expansive spirited aspect of me knows that even the conscious part of me knows that but then with that comes the specialness the specialness of this time being alive the really comes through what is not only being revealed to us in our external environment but in our internal most importantly and you know the dial is turning up and while it is a huge blessing and a huge gift and again a huge delight and honor to be a part of this time in our evolution it can certainly bring up some growing pains cat oh it's so nice to meet you all hey so you know right now and in like let me just preface this by saying that you know i'm a full believer obviously in energy non-physical energy i think that goes without saying um and certainly am a believer in the cosmos and astrology and this the map of the sky you know i just think in you know in great totality right now we are all being activated we are all being awakened and being called forth to [Music] release and clear the outdated baggage and again this is a gift but the actual process of doing so as i'm sure many of you know uh and many of you that i've been working with and hearing from man what comes up is certainly not the most comfortable on the feeling side you know and the physicality in the body yeah it is normal to feel it in the body and feeling it in you know through our emotional body feeling it through pain and feeling it through the it's the energy surfacing that is tied to we could say past experiences but as we know what we know about time it's really past present and future experience but we'll just say past the energy tied to stored past experiences based on the meaning that we've given them or the energetic imprint that was generated when that thing occurred and then likely continued to occur because as we know we play things out over and over again and not only in this lifetime but in many lifetimes but the the beautiful thing is is that what we heal now carries through time and space and so i say this just to kind of preface our conversation and you know as i was sitting today with this energy of the the serious gateway which is this period of time and again we are in a time of awakening and transformation while i do believe in portals and gateways i kind of think that it's kind of like this time that we're in is a portal and a gateway in of itself but this one in particular is really here to to gear us and elevate us into higher higher states of consciousness and really accelerate our spiritual growth and with that comes change and transformation and truly like never before and it can kind of it's like that preparing for takeoff and if we're not ready we're like holding on to every ounce of density that we have because we're afraid of what's to come next even though that plane is is taking us into a new plane into a new plane of being and a new cruising altitude so to speak and so as i was sitting with this energy this morning i my guides reminded me of something that they showed me um geez it must have been maybe four or five years ago but it's so incredibly relevant so i'll share it with you so i had was asking the same question about why why do we fear change why do we fear change especially when here we are and i know many of you that are here have the awareness that what lies on the other side of change growth transformation is [Music] always a gift it is always for our highest good we always feel better we always feel brighter we always feel lighter yet even though we can consciously know this intuitively feel it through our visionary intuitive eyes see it we still have to walk through the discomfort the threshold to get us to the other side so this is this is the what my guides played out for me they showed me this vision where myself and hundreds of other people were standing at the edge of this field that was completely on fire completely on fire but the fire was contained so it was like we could all get really as close to the fire as we wanted to because it wasn't like you know it wasn't moving at us it was contained in this field and hovering above the fire where everybody's angels guides any ascended master that you could possibly want to call upon just all hovering right above and as i could and i could see and what it was happening with all of these people that were surrounding me and everyone's guides are saying to them if you walk through this fire we've got you you are fully protected we are going to surround you with exactly what you need in order to make this track through this blazing fire and so it could have literally been god himself or whoever whatever each individual soul considered to be their most trustworthy source and still i can see people to my right and to my left jaya simrad yes yes some were like oh yeah there's absolutely no way there's absolutely no way you know like partners talking to each other there's no way i'm doing that there's no way there's no way there's no way and so some are walking away some are walking away others are just standing there in shock that like kind of paralyzed feeling that we can have when we can have as many signs as many synchronicities as many confirmations as many readings we can have all of that yet when we stand in front of the fire we still dig our heels into the soil and we want to hold on to what we know and you know what my what my guides were sharing is that we won't tell you how long it's going to take you to walk through and this is i mean i'm like my hair is standing on end as i tell this we can't tell you how long it's going to take we can't tell you how how far until you get to the other side but there is another side there is another side and we can guarantee you that all that you desire right now all that you would desire to create to manifest to make your reality will be right there for you doing the deed instead of only thinking and talking about it yes yes yes so true yes i saw the fire i i had missed it but there was a comment about the baptism by the fire i like that so it was amazing just to stand there and be able to witness everyone's reaction in the face of fear and it didn't matter what kind of truth or confirmation or what celestial being was there to confirm that you would be safe you would be protected the whole way through but you had to be the one to do it and so you know often in these experiences that i have they're interact they're like waking dreams in a sense because i can often like interface and interact with them like this one and so what i did was i intentionally built up my field as much as i could and i just thought like what the hell i'm gonna walk through and just as they promised maybe you know there's some warmth of the glow but you can't see in any and all directions you're just walking straight on through in complete trust and complete faith and when i did eventually get on the other side i was also surprised because what i saw was like a hill a couple rocks clear sky but seemingly nothingness and my guys were like here you go what do you want to create you get to do it you get to create it now badly i needed to hear this reminder tonight's recipe yeah yeah and it's so so so huge because this is what stands between us and our next big breakthrough our next big change transformation and you know in other in in in spiritual teachings they talk about this this journey this part of the journey as being they often will call it like dweller on the threshold or this threshold that we have to move through just like a plane does to get to its cruising altitude this threshold that we must move through in order to shift our density and our vibration and i did a live a while back where i talked about this it kind of being that that time where it's like you're going through the the cosmic checkpoint at the at the airport where it's like you have to check literally check your baggage you have to check your baggage because it's not going the weight isn't going to be able to be sustained where you are going and so not only do we experience fear and i'll talk a little bit about fear in a minute but not only do we experience the fear of the unknown what lies on the other side what's going to happen what am i going to have to feel when i go through the flames and then to get on the other side and it wasn't like my you know my guides were like oh well here's your house over here and like there are your you know your friends over there and there's your purpose over there and this is what you're gonna you know it was like responsibilities on you now you got this beautiful land what are you gonna do with it and they were basically like in this realm think and so it is and then we get to that point in time where we're like yeah i'm getting this call for something new yeah i'm feeling like pushed into this change in this transformation and oh i'm gonna walk through that fire and oh baby i get on the other side and i actually have to now take the responsibility and ownership that i am the creator and then it could be as simple as just aligning my intention with what i desire and so it is made manifest because that is truly how powerful we are that is truly how powerful we are this that is heaven on earth as it is in heaven like the phoenix walking through the fire yes absolutely fire symbolizes transformation it sure does it sure does and i truly believe that this is just this is the calling of the time that we're in do you know how many times i have gone through some of my hardest lessons and toughest chapters and then i've been like okay everything's cool everything's steady i just want things to just stay like this like nobody move a muscle like i don't want to grow i don't want to change anything and then the next thing i know it's like two weeks go by and then it's like this invitation for growth that i can't pass up and i'm like i just i all i wanted was like just this just this i didn't want anything to move but it's like this is where we are as much as we can attune and align with peace and contentment we are being activated we are being awakened we are being we are downloading visions and glimpses of our infinite potential and possibility that we can't ignore and so what do we do with it we can try to ignore it we can try to keep things as they are but then even that starts to turn into a weight that gets heavier in our energetic backpack over time when we don't listen out of fear and ultimately i would say that the fear is actually being generated by a subconscious belief or program because fear i mean even you know this is just an example but even the animals that we fear in this lifetime it's not the animal itself that is actually scary i mean maybe it's a little scary like in its vision or intimidating but like that's also a program just like we do to our fellow man and woman but our fears of particular animals actually stem from lifetimes where there was a meaning attached to the animal that created or generated a belief about that animal to be true that has been carried into the now and so this fear of the unknown is also a program is also a belief that is not just one isolated belief i am afraid of the unknown there's so many different beliefs in that in between state the fear of feeling too much the fear of our emotions the fear of our expression the fear of how powerful we actually are the fear that like of taking responsibility for being the creator even though our spiritual and conscious mind are like of course i'm on board i'm willing but that 80 90 even higher percentage subconscious is telling a wildly different story and this is why the walk through the fire is so profound because you get the opportunity a to prove your mind wrong b to go through that burning off of the outdated identities and baggage that no longer serve you because if you don't take those steps even though it's not linear even though you take the as you take those steps right that baggage that cannot be maintained in this new vibration must be burned off and that is what a lot of us are feeling right now through these discomforts and we're doing this in big ways in small ways all the time really but we can actually also you know just be be just as resistant to it or kind of compound the energy by adding on stories to it rather than knowing wow this is what i'm going through and what is coming up is moving out and that we do have the full capacity even though this isn't what we were taught we do have the full capacity to feel exponentially and ultimately it's really not the pain that we are afraid of we actually know pain and we kind of prefer to hold on to pain and painful stories and the painful meaning we have given to our experiences because we know it and because of its density and so we all do this we'd much rather hold on to the story that we know even if it's painful because we know it and that means we don't have to embark into the unknown we don't have to go through that period of not knowing of not having something to grasp and hold on to and know to be true even though it is not a total truth this is why we hold on to habits that don't serve us same thing because we know it and because it's energetic quality is dense and because of its density it gives us the illusion that we are root chakra energies our densest vibration safe secure connected grounded all the things because the energetic density is providing us with that illusion totally answered my question awesome wants to keep me safe really no danger yes exactly awesome alexis oh gemini healer [Music] see you there so i find it it's helpful to lay this all out because we are all going through this and we're all being kind of shaken up to really have to see and to face and to feel what we've been holding on to that does not does not have a place in our future and so again it is all a gift it is all a blessing but are we willing to be there for ourselves as we go through this fire as we move through the threshold and to know that we are you are an energetic being that has been carrying energy experiences and the meaning that you've given your experiences in the form of energy in your field for lifetimes and here we are in this incarnation to burn it off like never before so that we can move more fully into our greatness into our fullness into our truth into our truest expression in all areas of our life and you know sometimes it's like they're all interrelated but i know from my own experience it can be exceptionally frustrating especially when you're an intuitive and sensitive soul a visionary where you can see things so clearly you get the signs you get the signals you know what is of your highest good you know that you have more to offer yet you're also so self-aware that you know exactly where you're staying small exactly where you're staying in your little bubble exactly where things are looping and you can't quite figure it out and so what do you do what do you do when you hit those points in time in your journey do you just toil with them do you think there's something wrong with you because you can't figure it out i know for i've done this there's got gotta be something wrong with me there's gotta be there's gotta be if i can't figure this out if i can't manifest this thing if this thing isn't my reality yet if but there's nothing wrong with you there's just sneaky hidden subconscious beliefs that still exist no matter how self-aware you are and i know they say from my own experience and i also just know this from this being such a common trend with the women that i work with and so i feel like at this point i've become very equipped with being able to see and guide and be there for not only myself but i even can't do it alone this is the humbling thing i will honestly say that my work intimate work with other women in a one-on-one container have been the most powerful and transformative experiences on the positive front you know we've all been through the ones that were like did i really have to learn that way did i really have to grow that way and then finally i was like no more of that you know i've i've learned through that way and not to say that i'm free and clear of that but i went through certainly went through a threshold where i didn't have to learn through unresolved shadow anymore and i actually got to say wow i want i'm going to take ownership of the knowing that i'm having visions i'm having these feelings and it's driving me crazy that i can't seem to figure it out or get to this place that i desire to be and in that humble asking of help miraculous and positive changes have been able to occur because i can see into my client's subconscious all day long that is my gift i have an ability to follow beliefs to their root to their core i can't always do that with myself i have tried oh trust me i have tried like going into a psychic alter state and pretending like i am my own client and how i would do that and like you know of course i can do that kind of self healing but there is also there is also a part of this human journey where we are being called to be vulnerable and open and expressive and be seen fully by another person and so this is really the place from which my one-on-one mentorship program emerged and was birthed first and foremost only because i can say through my own experience that it has been the most positive and profound in all aspects and facets of my life because the underlying energy is always the key main major influencer of everything everything the energy creates the physicality so follow the run road in life and spirit so one-on-one mentorship it's the hand to hold as you walk through the fire it's the vulnerable open loving supportive space where you get to express not only your amazing intuition and your amazing insights and self-awareness that i know that you have but most importantly you get to lay those cards on the table that say i can't figure this one out this keeps playing out this thing is holding me back this is where i feel blocked this is where i feel stuck this is where i feel helpless or hopeless we're all going through this in some way and i certainly told the narrative for a long time that there would just be an end of the road there would be an end of the road that i wouldn't be able to figure it out and or things would just start going down everything would just start going down or there would always just be a dead end i wasn't worthy i wasn't capable that was for somebody else on and on the story would go and if i had continued with that story that would certainly be my reality because it has played out and it has played out and it has played out and then when i observe and this is what's so sneaky about the subconscious because that is its job to play out your beliefs to confirm them for you and so when we actually are up against change or transformation we say how could it be me that would that that would that would be my potential and possibility because look at look at what life has shown me it has shown me here and here and here and here that i am not worthy that i am not capable that i am not free that all the things but just because something has played out for you in the past does not mean it has a place in your present or your future but just like that example so beautifully laid out by my guides you have to be the one to make the choice when you're standing at the edge of the blazing fire you can have again all the signs all the synchronicities everyone confirming it for you the number one psychic and all of creation but even that they're telling you one possible timeline and we do that because we don't want to fully take the responsibility that through our choices we are the ones creating our reality we are yes there are things to learn yes there is a divine plan but just because there is does not mean our guides are like no that's in place your soul chose that but you have massive amounts of free will and wiggle room to create and the number one reason why we don't it's because we don't want to take responsibility we're afraid of making a wrong choice making a wrong decision that's our ego and so this is why mentorship containers are so valuable because you get to out yourself the whole way through about what's coming up what are the objections what are the fears what am i what narrative am i saying what am i coming up against because you move through these highs and you're like yes i got this i'm going the vision is clear i'm taking these steps and then it's just like oh the mountain comes crumbling down and another thing happens and whoa i didn't know that was in there and i didn't know that was in there and oh wow this thing that i thought it was all along and now it's not bad at all and here i was thinking that i wanted to create an online business and oh my god i didn't realize that there were years and years and years and years of built-up beliefs that streaming back through money through acceptance through all the lists of things goes on and on and on and this is why it's so powerful and so profound i feel like it's about controlling the fears which we ourselves create our minds and learn to let go and give those hairs to the universe when we just go the flow and let it go and release it beautifully said and some again like easier said than done and look like the fear the positive thing of fear is that it can aid in discernment doesn't want us to get hurt but then we get to actually interface with the part of us not the totality of us that is scared and we get to listen to him or her and listen to them as they they actually express what am i scared what is scaring me about this in terms of the flames okay i'm scared that i'm i'm gonna get burnt and i'm gonna die i mean the big one is death right okay but the guy your guides are telling you that you're going to be fully safe and supported and protected and then it's like oh well then there's a deep there's a deeper belief in spirit do you believe that spirit exists do you believe that there's life after death do you believe that you are inherently supported do you believe that life can get better do you believe you see it's like there's so many beliefs that are underlying that fear so it's sometimes it just to just say oh release the fear like kudos if that's the way that it works and we can just offer it up but often it's like let's crack that fear open what are we really scared of what are we really scared of and it might be the journey itself it might be the feeling itself okay well okay part of me that's afraid to feel because whatever reason there you know that part of you is afraid to feel but what if we knew that when those feelings come up that i'm gonna give you time i'm gonna offer you some love like i haven't offered you before i'm gonna offer you some rest like i haven't offered you before i'm gonna listen to you like i haven't listened to you before this starts to shift that energetic pull that keeps us stuck where we are so cracking it open over and over and over and over again to let that part of us actually be heard so that these beliefs can start to come out and then we get to lighten our load and we get to cultivate trust and that is part of this journey this initiation as we move well not linear again but from point a to point b what i found startling is how quickly the simplest thoughts turn into beliefs even when you are aware and monitoring them it takes some vigilance yeah and i think but i think on the other side of that two we can we also have the ability to generate new beliefs through our own experience of tuning into like associating new beliefs with feeling frequencies and then taking action on them and so yeah while like i don't think that we have to have all of our subconscious beliefs sorted out or figured out or cleared before that next new thing that next new thing that next up level that next expansion that new relationship that new job that new whatever it is that new habit they're still gonna they're gonna if there's any left which there are this is the humbling piece they will show up you know before i got into the relationship that i'm in now it was like i went through one of the toughest chapters of my life and then got into this place where it was like just kind of like my own personal divine perfection and really setting this um this standard but that and then when that energy attracted towards me i was like oh my god this is obviously amazing that this that this was able to work it didn't i i didn't work that there was no um it showed up when it was meant to show up i had no control over that but that didn't mean that there hasn't been tons of like work and clearing and humbling moments even when it is at that vibration that you desire to be so we're being given and i think that this is the time that we're in we're being given these opportunities in every area and facet of our life like nothing is random nothing is random and even when we are moving towards that thing or we are in that thing it doesn't stop it doesn't stop but here's where the spiritual growth component comes in because even though it doesn't stop and i'm not saying that as though like there are no moments of peace there are no moments of bliss there are no moments of just like freedom and expansion like there completely are and is but part of our journey never mind the things that we want to experience and expand into in these different areas of our life personally professionally romantically you know the works but that that common peace that is true for all humanity no matter how it's playing out is that we are here to move a closer to love and we are all on a journey of ascension which is spiritual growth and so because that is what our soul has signed up for our higher self also knows this and that is why these experiences come into our field these relationships come into our field these situations come into our field these lessons come into our field because that is what we are asking for and that is what we are being presented with so that it can most authentically and sustainably occur relationships can bring up our fears trigger subconscious belief etc to the surface and that can be truly a gift yeah yeah and sometimes so not fun and so like i mean i know my common tendency for a while it's like oh you get to that place before i really understood this before i understood triggers and how triggers are actually even though god so humbling and so frustrating and so not our preference but they were the direct arrow pointing us back to the subconscious belief that we didn't know was there it's like this pointing arrow back to our self because before i knew that it was like that stuff will come up okay see you later i would like be the first out the door and now that i know wow meeting that part of me like what it means if i stay and what it means if i just sit in this and be with this and consider where i'm responsible or what is actually mine and what is theirs because it's all right there it's all right there a f a trigger is not coming from nowhere but it could it's like something that has likely perpetuated itself over and over and over relationships are spiritual assignments yeah and look and that's also not to say like this could be a whole nother rabbit hole of a conversation but that's not to say you know i've had so many clients that have like tried to use spiritual principle things like twin flame or things like we're talking about to stay in relationships that just aren't ultimately are not for their highest good i have certainly done that too it's like if i were more evolved or if i just grow a little bit more or if i could just learn to love a little bit more then this is going to be great oh i've done that so there's also just a level of you know mindfulness around not that topic to let go is to trust and face the fear and move through it yeah and we have that ability and so this is i think one of the core rewirings because it like i think that it can be helpful to think of them as beliefs that that have been programmed for generations and generations and lifetimes and lifetimes and to know that to be true it's like you're doing it for you and you're doing it for all aspects and facets of you and your lineage to say i get to choose something new i get to do something different i get to make a new choice i get to take a new path i get to think a new thought and it doesn't necessarily have to be that you've done all the rewiring it's like i'm just willing to prove my mind wrong i'm just willing to prove my mind wrong and i can't wait until i do because i know i know energetics i know through what my guides have shared the laws of the universe and so as long as we can keep tapping into those reminders because we need them because the programming is so thick we can take it step by step and support ourselves even if there's a part of us that is still scared there is still at the same time a part of us that can be deeply rooted in trust and faith and love and support both can happen simultaneously but it's just bringing this extra level of consciousness around this this really crucial part of our human experience and so that is why again the one-on-one mentorship containers have been formed because sometimes a one-hour session is phenomenal don't get me wrong but to have the consistent support day after day for four weeks or for eight weeks that's where the true lasting change can occur because as you likely know so often we have that one hour session things have like are forever changed however that tendency to go back into our familiar groove is so very common and so it's like we sustain that frequency we align with that truth we come into that deepened relationship of who we really are those are the gifts of those sessions we gain this great awareness around these underlying energies and we gain access to our greater totality which is phenomenal that that can all happen in 60 minutes but then my my desire for you is to create even greater momentum to create this fertile soil that allows for not only rich integration but growth and from a place that is sustainable and true and authentic to recognize when our own beliefs stem where our beliefs stem from is key knowing what is projected onto us and what is ourselves yes absolutely absolutely and you know we have we have that ability i drink so i can prove my mind wrong yeah i love that that resonates with you and i you know i have to go through this all the time and i know many of you as well you have the spiritual multi-dimensional awareness you can tap into ultimate truth and just because you can do that that is a gift and that also when i talk about you know merging the non-physical with the physical this is part of that essence this is part of that ability that we have because we get to channel that part of us that knows to meet the part of us that doesn't know or the part of us that is still in that outdated groove but this is the opportunity that is being presented to us over and over again and why sometimes these portals these gateways can feel so heightened in their energy because that which is not in resonance with that frequency is coming up not only to be met but to ultimately be experienced to be felt and then to be cleared because it didn't have the opportunity likely to be felt at the time that it was experienced or that groove has become such a pattern and we're so used to it we don't even realize that it's there or what it's creating or governing or controlling within us so with that said one-on-one mentorship for july and august is now open so this opens up the space to four weeks or eight weeks and i've throughout this live express some of the key components that are involved but each mentorship each woman that i work with like this is basically the kind of my top tier offering and the focus of where my energy is going i cleared out a lot of space in my business so that these mentorship containers could emerge and and be a part of of the mission that i have and coming from that place of how profoundly they have changed my own life and aspects of my life and so in these mentorship containers we meet once a week but then in between those meetings you basically get full time access to me through a messaging service so that we can chat back and forth with what's coming up for you what are the challenges what are the discomforts what are the breakthroughs what are the insights what are you going through so it's a consistent it's a consistent what you put in when you get out and in that in between time there are also very like tangible ways that you can integrate what we are uncovering activating and implementing in those one hour sessions where we meet so these are really for the woman who is ready for some big change who is ready to walk through that fire who is feeling that call or feeling that frustration of knowing wow i'm i'm feeling like i'm ready to step outside of my of my bubble i feel like i'm being called through this inner feeling through my visions i don't quite know how to get there or i feel like i'm just looping and i can't quite figure out that missing link this is my specialty and i'm here for you if this is something that is activating a feeling within [Music] once you tap into your subconscious mind how can you release the blocks and fears well this is something honestly that i focus on in my not my both my single sessions and my mentorship sessions because yes you could potentially do that on your own um you know joe dispenza is a great resource for reprogramming the subconscious they can be layered you can't necessarily say that it's all going to be reprogrammed and rewired in like one session but listening you know you can get into um brainwave states that are very malleable like the delta brainwave state before you go to bed or the kind of brave wave state that you get into in a healing session where you're actually able to through intention go to that point in time and you may or may not know that exact point in time and i'd say this because this is what i do in my sessions you ask to be taken to that point in time and you might have a psychic experience as you move into that most do only again if it's in their highest good and so as you move into that space you we start to realize oh wow this is this is the experience where this belief was generated or the first time that it was activated in this lifetime and we meet that energy because the belief is formed by a meaning that we have given to some sort of an experience or situation and luckily while the experience of the situation may have already happened it is not set in stone because we actually get to change the energy around that situation by influencing it with the energy and the consciousness and the love that we are embodying in the now and then we get to explore how can we rewrite this story how can we give this experience new meaning and that helps to alchemize or neutralize that energetic frequency and then there's this beautiful aspect of calling in activating and implementing the new beliefs associated with a feeling frequency and we affirm that over and over and over again and as you know i expressed even earlier your daily life experiences are pointing you to your subconscious all the time the things that trigger you most importantly are giving you that direct arrow into your subconscious mind what is it that i believe to be true i hope that did not mean to do that cleared that up for you thank you for that question [Music] hmm all right well for those of you that are feeling called to work together in that one-on-one mentorship container link is in my bio it's an application and the application gives you the opportunity to really ask yourself some of the deeper questions and get really clear on your intention behind potentially wanting to work together and to just make sure that we're on the you know the same path and the same page do you work with men i do work with men absolutely i just primarily i would say 90 of my clients are women so i tend to direct my conversation to women but i absolutely have an open door for men as well thank you for asking that absolutely the same the same method the same approach um however it is all completely personalized no two sessions are the same absolutely yeah thank you for asking that so i would love to hear what are those you know if those key fears that are coming up for you right now or those those areas of life of your life where you are being called to kind of step up and step into and expand where are those where what area of your life are those coming up and you can let this sit because this particularly in this portal that is happening until tomorrow is certainly highlighting that within us where is it that we're feeling like oh if i could just figure that one thing out if i could just move through that one block if i could just get clear on this this piece i could just feel safe enough to step outside of my bubble if i could just know that i would be okay whether i was accepted or not accepted stepping into my truth because that's such a big one you know this conversation this week around that we've been having around our true self because that's such a key piece in this journey and through the you know my work with myself and and a common thread and many of my clients there is this desire this knowing of their true self yet because their true self was not accepted by their parents or at a young age by their peers and they always had to kind of morph and change who they are in order to receive love or to feel like they were accepted and to be at this point of where they are and their evolution coming to know themselves knowing their totality they just kind of keep it really safeguarded and in this this little bubble yet they're being called for more and they're being called to step outside of that bubble and so there's so much reworking and rewiring around wow what if i do let others see my true self now and again i'm not accepted what will that look like and will i be able to handle that and you can you absolutely can you are fully equipped but sometimes we need support and we need the the consistent reminder a fear is knowing when to stay in a connection and when to go not sure if i fully understand that question if you could reword that for better clarity would be great or you can just send me a dm and we can keep this conversation going and so for those of you that are just tuning in now i will be posting this live to igtv so you can re-watch catch all of the juicy stuff we covered from the beginning lots of rich insight into fears into our journey of spiritual growth but really growth in every area and facet of our life this is why we're here you know this is where we're going this is why we're growing and these opportunities are just available to us everywhere we turn so i'm grateful that all of you tuned in and shared in this time and in this conversation because while we're all on our own unique journey right we truly are all in this together so it is my honor that i get to share this with you oh i know myself more anger i receive for my family but i'm healing and i'm feeling fair from their expression towards my healing they don't accept my healing yes yes so i love that the if you want to um there's a live that i did it's the what the is there something wrong with me live um that one we talk we talk about this this topic and i think the live before that so i'd go ahead and re-watch that because that is that is such a common conversation and okay i'm going to go into some last little rant it's not up we even though the way that our whole system is set up and bless like look we come into this world and we we want our parents to be the ones that understand us accept us love us all the things unconditionally but it's just not how it's set up and it's this really interesting uh pickle that we get ourselves in that the the people or the person that we want the love and the acceptance from is the last one that is equipped to give it to us and especially with our parents for most of us our parents level of consciousness was not at the level of consciousness where we are so how could we expect them to give us what they don't have and it's never anyone else's job our parents our family whatever to to like to validate our growth our healing our journey it deepens your relationship to yourself it actually grants you greater room for compassion and knowing that where they are is exactly where they are and they're doing the best that they can with what they have and where they are in their evolution and journey and that requires a lot it requires a lot of the self to feel validated even when not receiving receiving external validation or to give yourself love even when not receiving love from the people or the person that you most desperately want it from so it doesn't need it doesn't need to be accepted and the question would just be to journal for yourself why why and talk to that little boy or girl inside of you that hasn't felt accepted likely for a long time i say this from my own experience this has been a huge part of my healing i would not be sitting here talking to you if i was still playing i mean look i still have energetic frequencies around acceptance but i still show up because i know that deeper part of me that is what i have to do okay beautiful thank you i look forward to that dm i completely relate on a personal journey but having somebody trying to do that continue to block me from progressing and again you know to that ruby i would just say refer to the the live around why did i choose this i think that might be freeing and empowering for you because on some level even the most challenging situations on some level we have to ask why is this happening for me and not to me i feel that beautiful all right well thank you all so much for being here and if you do if you're being lit up by this and you're feeling compelled to work together one-on-one fill out the application i would love to take that next step with you and if you just want to keep this conversation going send me a dm i would love to hear from you so let's keep it rolling let's keep it rolling and i thank you all so much for your continued presence and being a part of the kamali community it just fills me up every single day and i am eternally grateful for each and every one of you so sending you all my love and until next time you English (auto-generated)

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