Light Language Activation // Time Travel

You behold the power to travel through time. You behold the power to rewrite and rewire the limiting stories of your past and those you have projected into your future. You behold the power to liberate your density and expand into freedom. Over and over again. This is your inherent birthright and available to you now. Prepare for take-off 🚀 ....

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These sessions blend Light Language Activations, Intuitive Energy Clearing and channeled messages.

In a typical session you will:

Receive personalized messages from your Higher Self + Galactic Guides Activate dormant DNA Break through mental barriers Gain clarity + rich insight you can apply to any and all areas of your life Experience energetic clearing + overall harmonization of your Chakras and Auric Field. Unlock codes of universal truths + unlimited potential Release energetic blocks + stagnation Deepen your connection to your higher self and the spiritual realms

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