Activating Crystalline Codes

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

What are crystalline codes?? Wow, what a vulnerable and powerful transmission coming through from the crystalline kingdom and higher realms of existence. I open up about my personal journey over the past few months and completely demystify the concept of codes and how they actually work when activated. Such huge emphasis was placed on where humanity is being called to step up and into their full ✨superhuman✨ powers through intuitive and spiritual embodiment so that we can all make the most out of this human experience.



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so i'm sitting here amidst some crystal companions they're jumping out who wants to [Music] be included in sunday's sale welcome everybody happy friday how are you doing juliet mike insta kitty some new folks please say hello oh so i felt compelled to hop on talk about crystalline codes talk about what's what's coming through over here at the kamali temple so it's been a while since i've done a sale and that has been for a reason for many of you that have been following me over the past i'm gonna put my phone in um there is have been getting these downloads that i couldn't ignore and there was a very distinct message that said to me crystals are getting in the way and it almost makes me emotional because they've been such a big part of my world for so long and but luckily it wasn't like a dead end there has been a gigantic gift um exponential infinite gift that has come with this where i couldn't have known and it is still being revealed as to why this message came through as it did because what it was showing me was a lot of things and for those that of you that listened to my talk on crystalline embodiment who tuned into the live free master class those of you like juliet that are in the course know that there needs to be room we need to make room in our bodies for [Music] new information new ways of being our desires our visions to be able to land if there isn't any room energetically speaking but the energy is created by yes like doing something different physically or doing less physically creating space in our mind and that is such a key key key component because our mind our subconscious mind is taking up a lot of room because our mind doesn't just live up here it lives in our whole body and what was so fascinating this week in the crystalline embodiment course where we're really bridging the physical this this physical reality that we exist in this physical body that we reside in with the higher dimensions with our intuition with the divine with the invisible aspects of life and what's so fascinating is that i know for many of you like myself like the women in the course you know that you're drawn to the invisible crystals are a great example i know many of you started following me because of the content i was sharing on crystals and crystals i've always thought of them this way as being a gift from the higher dimensions to not only support with our ascension but here is this beautiful tool beautiful gift from mother earth that is actually our bridge to the invisible it's and i've seen this in numerous clients numerous students numerous friends that i've given that i have given crystals to sold crystals to shared crystals with where that spark goes off of being able to have an experience with the invisible and when i say the invisible i mean that which is moving through and around us and all of creation that we cannot perceive with our normal eye but is nonetheless in existence all around us and this is obviously not something that we're taught it's not something that is embedded in normal societal construct culture yet here we pick up a crystal and we have an experience that often we can actually put into words but sometimes not and what we put into words is just a fraction of the totality of the impact that the crystal is having on our entire being physical mental emotional and spiritual and they're awakening us each time to the fact that not only is the crystal a physical object that is carrying streams of high frequency invisible energy but that we too have that ability and so with the crystals and this is what was knocked over my head over these past few months because we are so conditioned to give our power away to something outside of ourselves or think that something outside of us is going to give us that which we desire and while that may be true in some cases like you want a soul fulfilling job or partner so it shows up in physical form however it only shows up and can be received when a you've attuned to that vibrational frequency yourself and be when you've created the space for it to land and this happens not only with the physical but with all of the desired feelings that we could possibly have love peace joy acceptance abundance on and on and on because those streams those frequencies are ever abundant all around us there's just so many veils getting in the way and not only veils but subconscious beliefs getting in the way of us actualizing them embodying them as our truth and not just it's something out there or something that something or someone is going to give me but that's how our consumer culture works that's how our even more underlying framework of our culture works that keeps us seeking outside which keeps us more susceptible to control to stories of lack so on and so forth but that is not the actual truth of our reality in existence that is just what we have been fed and what we have been ingrained with for so long but now we are in a time in our evolution where on the individual level we get to choose something new we get to have consciousness expanding experiences that are like maybe through a crystal maybe through plant medicine maybe through meditation maybe through a walk in nature whatever it may be and we no longer have to keep it out there the what i what i was told and i had to listen though has been so hard for me is that it's my my role to support people in creating the space in their body so that these higher consciousness experiences no longer just stay in the ethers no longer just stay in our dream world in this place of wishing that we could be existing somewhere other than we are in the reality other than what we are in and so what i'm realizing and now only through the manifestation of the class and all of the women so vulnerably sharing in it am i even able to see it that much more clearly as to what the real and and with my own it's being it's it's making even more sense my own life journey because one of my biggest struggles was feeling okay in my body and that took all different chapters throughout my life and now i can look back and and i see why a of course we all go through our challenging experiences so that we can then help others through our own living proof but there's absolutely no way i would feel like an integrated human that could show up and and teach on these things if i wasn't actually able to have a crystalline experience and actually be able to allow it in and express and what i'm realizing you know in in the class in the crystalline embodiment class is that we and i'm sure all of you and all the women there know that they're more than physical they desire to connect to their intuition they are fascinated by the mystical by the invisible by the spiritual by what what more is out there for us to discover yet they so courageously showed up not fully knowing what to expect but showing up knowing that on some level the way to what they desire and the way to what we all desire is actually through our body and when we consciously say to ourselves i'm i'm gonna enter back in here do you know how much comes up so much so much when we but here is but it's like so much comes up but this is why i mean i could talk forever about the course which will make a bridge but having that support is so valuable because it's like the moment that you start to drop in and you get hit with all of those feelings from not feeling from being scared of feeling for so long that they all come up to the surface and you're being called to feel them so that you can actually receive the feeling energy of your intuition the feeling energy of that which is all around you those higher frequencies we can't just say oh i only receive i only receive the the higher vibrational frequencies it's like no we must come into our body first we must clear the space so that all of this higher vibrational energy and wisdom and truth has a place to land in this physical form so then it can then express in our human experience if we don't have the place for it to land then again it just stays up here and out there and we get you know then we're just in our dream world of wow wouldn't it be nice to be on you know be hanging out with the the pleiadians somewhere and yes like for sure like look i'm communicating with higher dimensional beings and they're like get the f back in your body and you have work to do and like yes like go out here and receive this trusted insight but there's absolutely no it's like they're basically like with the crystals it was like no more no more no more this is getting in the way of you doing what you're here to do and that's not what i wanted to hear and just like within the bravery within the crystalline embodiment group if i just was like feeding crystals all day of course we would take it because we prefer go out then go in but then we'll we'll never be able to fully experience that which is here and available to us on this life path the awareness that we come from somewhere else that we exist in higher dimensions is not to pull us out of this one it is here to say okay well what is in the way of those higher dimensional frequencies coming through your body and then they get to naturally express in your reality that's the way i'm it's like i'm just shown it over and over and over and over again but this fear of feeling you know fear fear is leading us to a belief a limiting belief that we hold about ourselves a limiting belief that has been programmed since whenever it was programmed but the fascinating thing and the women in the group know you're able to rewrite that story it doesn't have to always be that way though we just weren't given a handbook a map as to how to navigate that the fact that we can time travel just like that the fact that you know there's so much that is not um being revealed to us as a common truth and so that's where our personal responsibility and sovereignty are being called upon especially now because and that's not just an intellectualization of a concept it is an invitation that that has to come from in here that has to be felt and that you have to then authentically know through your own experience oh this is real and this is really happening sorry my screen just went dark i don't know if it went dark on your end too so crystalline codes and i and the then you know i wasn't exactly sure what was gonna pour out in this live but this is so like i it was like i'm not gonna say i wasn't allowed to do a sale or it wasn't but it's kind of how it felt it was like my whole guidance system was like no this is what you're called to follow called to called to share called to receive these downloads and they just keep coming there's now a follow-up course that has come through to crystalline embodiment that's all about how to teach people you whoever feels the call how do i create space in here to actually tap into my body's psychic abilities because we all have psychic abilities we all have an intuition it is not something that is acquired and i am you know whatever your perspective is on this i do i'm through the lens that i'm seeing right now it has nothing to do with our third eye it has nothing to do with how open our third eye center is to it doesn't matter it does not matter because it does not matter how many amethyst crystals you put on your third eye center that is not going to increase your intuition if you do not have a place in your body that feels safe to actually feel to trust and then to actually allow your intuition to express in your waking reality you just can't it's it at least maybe 10 years ago you could i don't know but right now the calling is you must be able to feel safe to feel if you ever want yourself to move out of the construct of this linear physical logical reality and into an intuitive feminine feeling way of being that is actually in the greatest alignment with your path and not a path that has been constructed by something outside of you but i realize through my own experience and that i witness in all of my clients is that we get to that point where we ha we can conceptualize that and we get that and maybe we keep getting the messages but it can be so hard feels like it's so hard because of the depth of feeling because we've never been taught how to actually feel something uncomfortable and be okay with it and how to navigate those feelings and that there's actually nothing wrong with them because all of these energies are in existence and it's just the meaning that you give to them that is dictating the vibrational quality that is taking up space in your physical form that's a fear as well it's the meaning that you have given to anything for those of you that ever listened to bashar he says so often life is actually meaningless in of itself it is neutral completely neutral it is us that puts the meaning to it that then dictates our experience but we can when we actually drop into our body and we get honest with whoa okay i'm this is an uncomfortable feeling but what is it that's cycling what is it that's creating that feeling frequency we if you go a step further especially in a supportive group you can you can gain access to that information you can gain access to that information and say whoa i i gave the you know the meaning to like for example someone in the group her father passed away when she was young and considered that to be a trauma that she'd been working with up until this point okay so unpacking all of that it was the meaning you know that she had given at that young age before she had any awareness of spirit any awareness of life after death all these constructs of that you don't know and then you take it personally you say oh he left me so i i must have done something wrong i'm being punished or da da all of the things that we can create something like that to mean that is not the actual truth and then once we're able to use our expanded consciousness in the now we can rewrite those stories and be rewriting those stories it changes the energetic density that is being carried in our body and field and that's the stuff that we are feeling as discomfort each time we enter in but we were never taught that we can change that that we can rewrite that and that it's actually in here and not out there that holds what we're actually looking for we have to be able to trust our bodies to be able to allow our intuition something that i know we all want because these are the activation codes these are the crystalline codes that are being activated within humanity this is why everyone wants to know how do i access my intuition how do i manifest how do i create my reality but it is again not something that is done intellectually the intellectualization can create a context but you have to have space to be able to receive anything that you desire and by creating that space it's what i just laid out why couldn't i receive that frequency right now and that is what the crystalline codes are here to show us and that is why i wanted to come in and preface this sale because it was like okay yes you can do this but this bridge this very powerful bridge needs to be made it needs to be in place because as the crystalline frequency oh you're so welcome you're so welcome i would love to know how this is landing for you um the crystalline codes each crystal carries vibrational frequency vibrational frequencies and many of you have heard me say before that my belief system is one that crystals were yes they are we can say logically they're grown from mother earth i've seen that i've mined them i know that to be true but i've also been shown higher dimensional realms where high vibrational crystal energy is actually moving from higher vibrational sources from the higher dimensions through the physical crystal so it's not just energy coming from the crystal itself but here's the thing and this is why even with the light language with the light codes same thing it's not to say this higher dimensional this or this crystal is giving me something that i don't already have the big teaching the big download for humanity right now that we were never taught is that these codes it's like we are this computer we if you think of yourself as a computer we have tons of codes that have not been activated but there are certain codes that have and these could be you know the codes of your subconscious belief so okay so the codes of your subconscious beliefs are activated in your computer system and so that's your operating system that's the lens through which you see the world that's how you interface that's how you perceive but how you perceive is through the lens of your subconscious and is creating that is what is creating the vibrational density that is being stored in here that you can feel the moment this is why a course in miracles says a miracle is a shift in perception because perception rick if we're shifting our perception to one that moves from a limiting belief to an expansive belief our vibrational frequency lifts that's authentic raising of one's vibration so with the crystals they're reminding us of what we already are they're reminding us of the abilities and the qualities that we actually have access to all the time all the time and they're reminding us of all of the different dimensions densities qualities that are in existence because we like a our language is limited but we we don't we're not like interfacing with that at all we're not like in our daily life we're more so focused on things outside of ourselves not what we actually have access to within ourself and it it's like a permission slip that says you can attune to this frequency of that which you desire you can attune to the frequency of your intuition of your third eye there's like through the law of resonance you wouldn't be able to activate your third eye if that wasn't already within you you can activate your ability to see but again it's not just about that it's not just about having the experience in that moment of the crystal meditation or the sitting with it like that is so powerful and potent because you're getting it's like these constant reminders constant reminders oh this is my this frequency is available this frequency is available this frequency is available but then this is where the embodiment piece is so key because if you're not feeling safe in here then you move off the meditation pillow and that's where that experience stays if you can actually allow it to move into your body then you can actually allow for your intuitive ability to be trusted in your everyday life or you know a crystal that's moving you into your solar plexus that in you know that soul confidence so in that moment you can say wow i'm attuning to the vibration of soul confidence but as you move into your day if you are not exercising that putting that into practice or if this is the step further that that is being driven home because it's not just like oh i'm supposed to be this like perfect human get the code activation and then i'm going to go into my life because these things are so deeply programmed but the step further in this case is to say well what do i believe to be true about myself around the confidence and who i am because we don't even know who we really are and it takes a humble and vulnerable human to admit that and say wow i'm willing to let go like this is energy clearing this is energy clearing clearing and this is why it's like i love selenite i have it all over my house but if you're not actually taking it this step further and realizing what it's actually doing to your field and what it's requiring for your humanness to be a co-creator in that process there will always be that dependency my crystal kingdom guides were like this isn't what we had planned like you cannot do this anymore you cannot facilitate that so the clearing is saying wow okay then okay then life okay then universe okay then guides okay then higher self as i move back into my day show me who i am not let me show me who i am not and i tell you and the women in crystalline embodiment know this from the integration you move into your physical reality and you are shown sometimes it can be wildly uncomfortable sometimes you don't want to see it but this is why we desire for intuit intuitive light to turn on but then all of a sudden we start seeing things as they are and we and we shut it back down and we wonder why all the amethyst crystals aren't working what am i afraid of seeing what am i afraid of feeling so all of these doors are opening up for you with the crystalline codes being activated in your body but then there is a co-creation process because your life is going to reveal to you what is in the way of the authentic embodiment of those feeling frequencies that you desire because they're right there your intuition is right here it's it's the the fears and the beliefs that are that are clouding its ability to be made fully manifest in your life what are you actually afraid of and that will lead you to what you actually believe responsibility the unknown whatever it is the meaning too that you've given to whatever you perceive to be uncomfortable so as the the codes that you desire is your intuition leads you to these crystals we know that we've all had that experience i can imagine it's saying okay this is this is the best crystal for me right now this is the best crystal for me right now and it is attuning my vibrational frequency to what is actually possible but then are we willing to exchange with the the invisible to physical in our waking reality because the light turns on we're shown the thoughts that are getting in the way we're shown through triggers we're shown through situations sticking out like a sore thumb we are shown through judgments it's like the light is on we see it so clearly that's how much your all of your invisible support team cares about you they're like here you go but are you willing to see and if you're not willing to see or you're not willing to feel there's no room for your intuition there's no room for your intuition to express in your life so this is super super super valuable and super potent and i know that the healing your body relationship is is incredibly real and i also know that the the one thing that i can say i wish that i knew was that a i am like that was not the totality of me and i know on some level i could feel that which is what made the healing journey possible but there is a higher dimensional higher self version of you your spirit your soul your essence your true self who is untouched by the human experience that is in existence right now living through you and that aspect of you is unconditional love and pure truth and can be called upon at any time regardless of what your human self is experiencing moving into soul confidence love this oh you're so welcome you're so welcome thank you for being here thank you all for being here so really that ability that to know that whatever the discomfort is can be held and the crystal energies are here i know i've worked with crystals for a lot of emotional healing and a lot of emotional support a lot of times when i felt and have felt and continue to feel very alone there's something to me that's incredibly reassuring about crystals and their energy but i also know that the the dependent relationship is of the old paradigm and the abilities that we all have far surpass what we are embodying and expressing right now and i don't say that in a way to like perpetuate like a story of lack but just to to share the awarenesses that i'm that i'm getting every single day around this topic because i'm always like can i just please like just focus on um star beings and the higher dimensions and just talk about that all the time like because we're all drawn more so to that so that we don't have to come in here but every single time they're like no i remember oh my god i remember once after having this like far out experience they were like i got this flash of how i brush my hair and they were like showing me how i can just be like you know like super fast not mindful not caring and they were like that makes a difference even that makes a difference and it's like this this important more than important if there's a word from from more than important i would say it they are only here the crystals the higher dimensionals to support our human experience to make this the best one yet we have so much more access than ever before to our subconscious to our ability to time travel to our ability to rewrite the story to our ability to be the frequency of that which we desire that is manifestation manifestation is not just thinking something into reality it is feeling something into reality because first you feel it and that is what the crystals are entraining us to as well but it is not the crystal that is giving it to you it is the crystal reminding you of your own divinity that is within so this is so valuable because i know even with myself it's like even these kind of these energies you know something like abundance something like peace something like bliss something like pleasure we say okay this thing can give it to me but when i sit in a meditation or if we even take the time to do that and we say wow okay this energy is actually very much available to me right now i can think about pleasure i can think about peace but then can i feel pleasure can i feel peace can i feel what it is that i think something outside of me is going to give me you have to be able to feel it in within but first within first but it's you can you can't we all can we all can access any feeling frequency that we desire in any given moment and if we can't or if we think that we can't that is the direct road map to the belief and that's where we can start unpacking if we cannot allow for these desired frequencies to land to sustain when we're not doing this that is the invitation to go the step further go this step further why could i not embody abundance without a crystal or without all these things that i think are going to give that to me because the feeling frequency is right there it is within you it is just a dormant code that because of your belief systems has not yet been activated so i could go down so many rabbit holes but we'll leave it at that i thank you all for being here for sharing your collective energy i would love to know if you'd like to send me a message let me know how this resonated with you how this lands for you and i'm sure on sunday i'll be talking a bit about this more the live sales are not just about selling and buying the crystal it is allowing for the message of the crystal to come through and you know i will say and this is just full vulnerability that it is incredibly challenging for me because at least the story i've been telling myself is that this is these are not the um the stories that everyone wants to hear because it is like turning the script back to personal responsibility but that is the greatest gift that they are giving us in this lifetime thank you all love seeing some new faces here feel free if you if we have yet to meet each other send me a message send me your name tell me hello organic comfort christy sonny naomi jane nelly natalie so great to see you on here thank you for receiving this message and this download and of course there's always always more to come and as a follow you know it's really an extension of the crystalline embodiment as i get you know i've kind of i've got the the [Music] the information downloaded i'm just working on putting that into the the internet so that it can be shared with you but the next course is all about your psychic body and all about how you can actually access the inherent wisdom within your body to a make this the most comfortable place to inhabit i know i know what it feels like for the body to not feel like a safe home i know it and i now know the that the greatest gift is to be able to feel comfortable in here to feel at ease in here to trust this because i know we're all fed up with trying to get truth outside of us i know we all know that there is something more but what i keep getting is it's not going to come through here it's going to come through here so that when we make this a comfortable place all of the invisible insight downloads whatever it may be will have a place a home to land within us because if it doesn't it's that's not that's not like there is a higher intelligence there is a higher intelligence and that is the message that is being repeated over and over and over again so thank you all again happy friday i hope to see you on sunday and please stay connected let me know let me know what has been sparking for you what has been coming through for you what this lit up in you so we can keep this going until next time oh hello from india cool hey hey thank you for being here and kim oh thank you kim all right everybody send in my love you English (auto-generated)


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