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We offer a beautiful selection of high-quality healing energy crystals,

Crystal Tones Singing Bowls and Amethyst Biomats


The Kamali Temple features radiant crystals from around the globe, some dating back 1.2 billion years. All crystals in our shop are hand selected, which means no online ordering, to ensure high quality and energy. We also pride ourselves in being more than a "shop". We love offering guidance as to how you can start working with your crystals, connecting to their energy and sharing knowledge about their history and magic.

We offer select Kamali crystals through our online shop here



Curious about crystals but unsure where to start? 

We offer Personalized Crystal Sessions that bring forth intuitive and applicable guidance as to which crystal(s) are best for you in your life right now, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals and their energy assist us in a variety of ways - stress relief, awakening/strengthening intuition, clarity, manifestation, grounding, energetic clearing, confidence, meditation practice and more.  These sessions are also great if you have crystals at home and you are unsure how to "work" with or use them. We will guide you through easy techniques that will help you along your path. These sessions can be booked alone or as an add on to any Kamali service. 

Want to experience the energy of crystals first hand?

At Kamali we offer Crystal Healing sessions where you enter into a deep state of relaxation and one of our experienced crystal healers places intuitively selected crystals on and around your body to help clear, balance and revive your chakras and auric field.