One-on-One Mentorship

As a gifted, intuitive soul, navigating this human experience can be challenging to say the least These gifts are an aspect of your unique soul blueprint that are inherently that make you unique and are ultiamtely your greatest strengths and superpowers however given our typical societal upbringing and programming our gifts are sacrificed or water downed in order to fit in, be accepted. As we grow older we tend to become more removed from our true essence, yet she has been with us all along. I know this from experience. When I realized no one could see, feel, hear or sense what I did I felt completely frustrated and alone. As I made my way through school I gradually shut down more and more and keeping my gifts and spiritual side safe in a box. It took until my early 20's when I completed my first Reiki Training. Even as I started seeing clients I still kept that aspect of my life. I was scared to integrate it. I was scared of not fitting in and feeling even more misunderstood than I already did. I thought I had social anxiety and a slew of other issues - all were a byproduct of me not fully embracing and embodying my truth.  there was some secret equation I needed to learn to be able to I so often felt confused and alone. I was working a job serving someone elses dream, I was hididn in the shadows and partying at an attempt to feel normal and comfortable in my skin. This is not sustainable and it took amny dead ends and darnk nights of the soul for me to realize it. The blessing is When you can't go any furhter in one direction, it lights the fire, your ability you awaken to your ability to propel in another direction of your choosing. 

Though I read all the books and wathced all the youtube videos nothing brought me where I am today - real life experience. The spiritual path and growth cannot be done through intellectualisation alone and the disocvery of your true self cannot be tuaght, it can only be discovered. 

This is where my true passion and gifts shine. I have helped so many women shed who they are not to fully step into the truth, power of who they are. My extensive background in Energy Healing and inherent intutiive abilities allow me to see the inviisble aspects of your energy field, bring them to life. What I have also come to know as an absolute truth is that Every single human has a spirit and spiriutal gifts. It just depends if they have been realized, activated and embodied. It doesnt matter where you've been, what you've done. The list of shame, guilt, judgement. Your spirit is with you all along. She doesnt judge, she is just awaiting her opportunity to shine and lead the way.  

, You are gifted beyond belief but this is something we are not normally taught - which makes us not feel normal a lot of the time. See the way our "system" is set up we are not  I have the ability to see, feel and hear what lies beneath the surface, the energy that toghter we will identify what is in the way of you stepping intoy our most authentic self. Truth of who you are. True self. 

Hiding your intuitive gifts afraid of not fitting in 

On some level we feel we have never fit in and inviting in our spirit and gi  You are a see-er and a feel-er for a reason. Your sensitivties

Just because it may not be what normal" society values that doesnt mean that external sources and focrces get to dictate your divine mission and calling in this lifetime. 

Together we will rewrite your story and bring you back into soul alignment with the truth of who you are. 


Together Clear outdated identities 

we will address your fears and limiting beliefs. 

All to create the space for your divine essence to emerge and express


This creates a Soul confidence. 


. Who you are and who you should be - now you get 

YOu get to unpack who you are not and all of the confusion that comes along with it. YOu get to embrance your totality rather than endlessly trying to fit in or stay small to fit the program. YOu are so much more than meets the eye, than what you ve been taught and told and I beleive in you. I wouldnt be here if I didnt have others who bleived in me . You dont have to do this alone, so lets do tit togehter. Your spirit, and infiite potential are awating you iwth open arms. 

we just dont know how to get there

You dont have to do this life alone, scared of your gifts actually learn how to work with the magic held in the invisible enerhy that lies within and around you. 

Let's make your future self proud. through empowered, exciting and expansive transformation, together. 

Transformative container that supports your highest growth, expansion and potential. 


Includes -


Customized "homework" -  practices and integrate into daily life 


Weekly 60-min Mentorship Guidance Call with Energy Healing that focuses on your personal and unique needs, goals and desires. 

Full daily chat access where  cna share challenges    

4-week - $1800 


8-week - $3300

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