Upcoming classes.

Spiritual writing

May 4 10a-12p $20

Enjoy a nurturing writing environment for a time of guided relaxation and right-brain writing prompts designed to evoke spiritual memories, insights, and creativity. We will explore the creative writing process, short meditation, writing segments, and a time of (optional) sharing. Bring your favorite notebook, writing utensil, and a desire for discovery. No experience required. Reserve your spot here!

Level 1

May 16 + 17  9a-2p $225

Explore and learn about the profound ancient healing method of Reiki through group discussion and hands-on experience. At the end of this course you will receive certification in Level 1 Usui Reiki Ryoho and be able to do healing sessions for yourself, friends, family, pets and plants. Reserve your spot here!


May 6 6-7pm $20

A supportive and friendly group meditation class for all levels where we explore various meditation techniques, discuss obstacles and learn tools for better concentration, visualization and simply being in stillness. We typically participate in 1-2 guided meditation journeys. Suitable for beginners and those interested in enhancing their existing practice.

PAST-LIFE Workshop

May 22 7-8:30pm $20

Join us for a guided journey to unlock information held in your cellular/cosmic memory, unravel karmic ties and bring forth the wisdom held in uncovering past lives. Reserve your spot here!

May 16 7-8pm $20

Taking time for ourselves during the full moon is important as energies are heightened and illuminated. Kamali's Full Moon Sound Bath and Meditation's are a relaxing and nurturing experience. You will be able to choose from a collection of crystals to place on or around your body while enjoying a tranquil sound bath and guided meditation focusing on the moon's astrological energy.  All are welcome to attend. 


Reiki Studies

May 25 & 26 1-5pm $150

Deepen your knowledge and application of Reiki healing and take your self and client's healing experience to the next level.  We will learn how to  sense, feel, detect and remove energetic cords, send healing to past experiences, subconscious programs and belief systems and to future events addressing anxiety, fear of the unknown and the power of manifestation. Click here to reserve your spot!

May 29 6:30-7:30pm Free

Reiki Shares at Kamali are a beautiful way to come give and receive positive, healing energy. They are open to all lineages and no Reiki Training required to attend. These gatherings are great for healers to take time to care for themselves and for those who want to learn more about loving energy exchange.