Crystal SHop

A magical portal of crystals, gemstones and crystal products for elevated self-care.
All Kamali Crystals are hand-selected, which ensures amazing quality and energy. 
Kamali is also more than a crystal shop. At Kamali, you have the opportunity to learn about and experience crystals and their energy first-hand through classes, meditations and healing sessions. This allows you to come into a deepened, more meaningful and authentic relationship to their energy and metaphysical healing properties. 

Custom Orders

A personalized crystal packaged created just for you based on your unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. 

Reach out today to get your order started!

Live Crystal Sales!

A special Kamali feature! Live Crystal Sales are held the first Sunday of every month via Instagram.  This gives you a 360 view of your favorite crystals along with information about their history and healing properties. 

Crystal Tones

Kamali is a vendor for high-quality Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. Having your own personal singing bowl gives you the freedom to uplift your vibrational frequency, harmonize your chakras and cleanse your energy anytime. Book your free consultation today!