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Your 4-Week Soul Initiation

There is no better feeling than letting go of who you are not and stepping into the truth of who you are.

Beloved Goddess,

 I find it so incredible that you entered into this life experience as a unique and gifted soul, naturally powerful beyond measure yet almost immediately your impressionable mind began recording stories and programs that led you further away from your truth and divine essence.  From day one you were told who you are and through observation and teaching you learned how to act and react, what you needed to do to fit in and receive love.  As a result, you did your best to fit in. You hid your spiritual gifts, pushed your soul urges aside and now you can feel the missing link. Luckily, the voice of your spirit is getting louder and you are listening to her call.  


I know this because she is the one who led you here.

An immersive, multidimensional healing and empowerment method that is here to guide you back home to your spiritual gifts, soul's wisdom and true authentic essence. 

Over the course of four transformative weeks you will not only learn the ins and outs of your true spirited nature, you will get to know and experience your multidimensional magic first hand. 

Together we will clear and create the space within for your spirit to land. 

Welcome to Crystalline Embodiment

When you bring your spirit, the infinite part of you online and into your embodied human experience magical and radical things happen. 

You begin living your life with true, soul confidence.

You rely on your intuition for bigger, more soul fulfilling choices and create the space to bring your visions into reality 

You radiate your true divine essence into the world which creates the magnetism for all that you attract. 

You are the vessel through which spirit expresses and anchors on Mother Earth. 

Yes, you are that powerful and your body is far more than a physical form. It is the home for a multitude of invisible energies that carry the stories of your mind, imprints of your emotions and all of your life experiences - and more. When these energies become outdated they turn into a density that we can feel and end up clouding the lens through which we see ourselves, our world and reality. This is incredibly limiting and holds us back from our pure potential.


Luckily, this energy is not permanent and can be cleared. 

On some level I know you already have this awareness but I also know it can be tricky to navigate. Mostly because it is invisible energy and amidst all the things we are taught in school we are not given a roadmap to navigate these important and vital aspects of our beingness.

This is where I come in.  

I have dedicated my life to understanding and exploring the invisible aspects of our existence and after working with hundreds of clients I know this is where our true powers lie.

Let's make the most out of this human experience

What I have also found with many of my clients, and myself included, is that we can feel safer keeping our gifts "out there". Leaving our sacred visions in our mind and our spiritual wisdom on our meditation pillow. I totally get it because I did this for a long time. My spiritual practice served as a place to check out and get away, leaving the density of our reality behind. However, this resulted in a huge missing link and a disconnect from my body and waking reality.

I knew this wasn't sustainable and that I was missing out on something huge.


The process of calling my spirit back home into my body and daily life was so incredibly profound that I knew it had to be shared. This is what inspired the creation of Crystalline Embodiment as 

I knew that there were other gifted women just like me waiting for a guide to bring them back home. 

Get ready as your spirit is here show you the how full and rich life can be

and the impact you are here to make simply by being you. 

The miracles that will happen in just 4 weeks...

  • Shed outdated identities so that you can embody your true essence

  • Gain confidence in your intuitive abilities and turn on an internal guidance system you can trust

  • Make self-care a priority so that you can feel more comfortable in your skin 

  • Demystify energy and spirituality so that you can better understand the whole of who you are 

  • Access your unlimited potential so that you can make the most out of this human experience

and so much more... 

In our radically fulfilling and life-changing time together you will: 

Starting May12th

We meet for 4 Wednesdays at 7p PST

*Attendance is highly encouraged but recordings will be available for each class if you cannot attend live. 

Week 1

May 12th

Spirit Rising

Week 1 begins a lifelong companionship with your spirit, the most trusted, intuitive and unconditionally loving aspect of your being-ness.


Week 1 Key Topics: 

  • Incarnation, Forgetting + Remembrance

  • Spiritual Embodiment ​​

  • Identifying and Clearing Outdated Identities 

Week 2

May 19th

Blocks + Fears

As intuitive souls we often hide our spiritual gifts out of fear of what will happen when we step into the truth of who we are. Week 2 addresses our fears, shadows and subconscious mind. 

Week 2 Key Topics: 

  • Fears  + Shadow Self

  • Beliefs + The Subconscious Mind 

  • Emotions, Sensitivities + The Body 

Week 3

May 26th

 Being of the World 

Week 3 you learn how to embody your spirit and feel more comfortable and confident in your skin. 


Week 3 Key Topics: 

  • How to create safe space within and around you

  • Energetic Sensitivities, Exchange + Energy Leaks

  • Boundaries, Discernment and choices 

Week 4

June 2nd

Embodying Your Gifts

By week 4 you will have created a safe space for your spiritual gifts to come to life. Here is where the magic truly lands! 

Week 4 Key Topics: 

  • Intuition ​

  • Being seen

  • Energetic radiance 

Are you ready??

Registration closes in...


All who pay in FULL, you will receive a private 30 minute 1:1 mentorship session with me. Once you pay in full, I will email you to schedule your transformation session.

Let the countdown begin!

Tier 1

 In Full: $899

2 Month Payment Plan: $449.50

3 Month Payment Plan: $299.66

Includes: ​

  • 4 2-hr Weekly Workshops held Wednesdays at 7p PST (Tuning in Live is recommended for highest value but all will be recorded) 

  • Class Facebook Group to stay connected, share your challenges and breakthroughs and connect with likeminded souls

  • Weekly "homework" for optimum integration of the content we cover each week. This is the real embodiment

Tier 2

Includes: ​

  • 4 2-hr Weekly Workshops held Wednesdays at 7p PST (Tuning in Live is recommended for highest value but all will be recorded) 

  • Class Facebook Group to stay connected, share your challenges and breakthroughs and connect with likeminded souls

  • Weekly "homework" for optimum integration of the content we cover each week. This is the real embodiment.

  • PLUS, 1 60-min Intuitive Energy Healing + Spiritual Guidance Session  

 In Full: $999

2 Month Payment Plan: $499.50

3 Month Payment Plan: $333


Includes 60-min Intuitive Energy Healing Session

About Your Guide:

From a young age I had a natural ability to hear what wasn't being said and see what was going on beneath the surface of any human or situation. When I realized this wasn't everyone's experience it left me feeling frustrated and alone. For years I shut down and attempted to block out my spiritual gifts. Eventually over 12 years ago I attended my first Reiki Training and it was the catalyst that changed my life forever. When my spirit and gifts starting coming back online I navigated a time of deep personal growth that made me really look at the spirituality from a new and authentic point of view. I realized that spirituality was not one size fits all, as we are all unique expressions of source and that there are actually no hoops to jump through to get direct access to our spirit - except for the ones we've created or been programmed to believe. I share this because I am living proof you can rewrite the story and I have helped so many women just like you do the same.This is the essence that pours out of me daily in my work with clients at The Kamali Temple and I can't wait to share it with you in Crystalline Embodiment. 

Infinite Love, 


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Let's go there together.