Let's get to know each other a little better...

I received my first crystal at the time I was born and Reiki Healing when I was 8 years old and honestly, the feeling never left. Little did I know at the time what a pillar it would provide me as my years went on. Growing up, I was raised by my father, a Philosopher and student of life and my mother a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and Nutritionist. Needless to say, an awareness of these teachings were instilled at a young age. Starting at age 13 (maybe earlier) I was practicing yoga and taking classes in metaphysical arts. While my interest in learning about these practices and philosophies has always been present, I can't say I always knew how to apply them to myself or my life. There was also a lot of confusion and overwhelm being intuitive, sensitive and empathetic and I eventually hit a point where I shut down and kept my spiritual interests in a box. From there I went on to college in Boston - which I'll just say, was like a shoe that didn't fit. Eventually, at 22, I moved to Brooklyn, NY and within 6 months working in the music industry I found myself completely out of balance, uninspired and realizing I was working for someone else's dream. The feeling of Reiki that stuck with me from my youth poured through me. "Reiki" I thought. I was ready to invest in something that interested me again. After an easy Google search I found a woman offering Reiki sessions and trainings out of her home conveniently a few blocks from my work. I went and received a session from her and knew immediately she would be my teacher. She lived and breathed spiritual work and practice. A few weeks later I walked over during my lunch break to give her money for the Reiki Training I would be attending that weekend. When I got back to my office, I was informed that my hours were being cut in half. The timing was so serendipitous and the sign too miraculous to ignore. Eventually I was laid off, began working at a local yoga studio, and thats how it all began. In my remaining 3 or so years in Brooklyn I was a manager at that Yoga Studio, became a certified Reiki Master Teacher and completed my first 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in India. These choices radically and profoundly changed my life forever - and trust me, while it was for the highest good it certainly was not easy! Eventually I left New York and I began working for myself full-time teaching Yoga and offering Reiki Healing sessions and trainings. This eventually led me to San Diego where I opened my first healing studio. Within 6 months, another serendipidous shift occured. While I was working with crystals in my Reiki Sessions, they certainly were not the highlight of my interest or offering. Now I'll keep the story brief (if you want to hear more tune in here), but one day after a serendipidous change of events I met the miner of a rare crystal and honestly, my life changed forever. After a year to the day, I left San Diego and moved to Northern Ontario Canada to assist a crystal miner in every step of the process from the phyiscal mining and then catapulted me into a pure metaphysical experience which truly brought the energy of crystals to life for me in a way I never knew was possible.

It gave me an authetnic, first hand experience into the "realness" of their amazing energy and awakened parts of myself I never knew possible.  When I returned to SD after that experience I knew I had to share this experience with the world in some way. That eventually led me to open my crystal shop and healing center in Carlsbad offering healing sessions and experiential classes to bring others into a deepened, authentic relationship to crystals and their own energy. Duirng this time Honor Your Aura was born. I wanted a portal for others to come into a real and deep understanding of the elusive world of energy. I wanted to give real meaning to metaphysical conecpts like THe Aura, Chakras and Crystals. I wanted others to have access to the deep converstations I was having with other healers, practitioners and creatives who had come to know themselves energetically adn how it transformed their life. So here we are. I am delighted you made it this far and I look forward to our continued joureny together. 

WIth love, 

200-hr Yoga Teacher Training 
300-hr Yoga Therapy Training 
Reiki Levels 1,2, Master, Teacher
Thai Yoga Massage 
Melody's Master of Crystology 
Delphi University Advanced Channeling
and Spiritual Counselor
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