You are so much more than meets the eye.

There is an invisible energy moving through and around you all the time. This is your spirit and she is ready to shine. 





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I know this because I've been there. I've ran from my truth, my spirit and my intutive gifts. I've labeled myself as too sensitive and while have always navigated life to the beat of my own drum, I have also denied my truth at the cost trying to fit in.  

After strings of dead ends and dark nights of the soul I realized I could no longer fight or resist. The gift from these experiences was I was able to discover who I was not and who I did not want to be. It also made me realize the spritiual path is not one size fits all and that embodying my spriit and intutive gifts I had to face why I was scared, who I thought I would become. I actually believed I was going to lose myself by becoming more "spiritual" and instead it was my true self that I found.  gave me the opportunity to understand how to guide others on their path of authentic soul discovery and embodiment. I realized it had nothing to do with being spiritual and it was nothing any yoga class or crystal could give me. My spirit was with me all along and as I welcomed her in my life 

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