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Curious what crystals are right for you in your life right now? A personalized crystal package created just for you based on your unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. 


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Kamali are personalized and deeply intuitive offering that work with the energy healing prowess of Reiki paired with soothing sound and the magic of the crystal kingdom. In these sessions I work directly with your energy body, Aura and Chakras to bring outdated stored energy to the surface so it can heal, transform and release, which creates space for lightness, clarity and greater comfort in your body, mind and spirit. After bringing you into a deeply relaxed state, I tune into your energy and combine a blend of Energy Healing, Light Language, intuitively selected crystals and sound vibrations specific to your needs. Each session ends with time for grounding and any channeled messages from spirit that best support your highest growth and potential. If you are new to Kamali session this is a great place to start. 



These sessions combine a blend of intuitive guidance, oracle cards and channeled messages from spirit that support your highest growth and potential. They are a personalized approach to spiritual growth and give you tools to bring a deepened fulfillment to all areas of your life. These sessions are incredibly valuable if you are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or confused. They are also perfect for those who want to learn more about connecting to their intuition and energetic gifts, communicating with angels/guides and incorporating spiritual practices into their daily life. 





Sunday, Jan. 24 4-6pm $30
*Held Via Zoom 

In this special workshop you will learn how to work with crystals as a powerful tool to connect to and communicate with your angels and guides.

We will explore:

Time + Space

Angels + Guides

Crystals + Energy

Meditation + Visualization 

Intuition + Senses

+ More






Friday, Feb. 12 6:30-7:45pm $30

Love up your inner Goddess this Valentine's Day with the ultimate self-care experience at GDF! Join us for a magical evening of crystals, sound and high-vibrational energy healing so we may amplify the vibration of love for ourselves, each other and the planet.


You will receive a personalized Aura Cleanse, Sound Blessing and Energy Healing in a room filled with Selenite crystals and roses, all working in divine harmony to infuse our energy field with loving vibrations. 


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1st + 3rd Wednesday 
7-8pm via Instagram Live 



Sunday, February 14th 
4p PST via Instagram

Celebrate the official gateway into the Aquarian Age with a Crystal Sale featuring crystals to amplify the highest vibration of love for yourself, each other and the planet! highest  Kamali's Virtual Sales give you the opportunity to shop your favorite Kamali crystals at reduced prices in an interactive format where you get to see a 360 degree view of each crystal, learn about their metaphysical properties and have first dibs at the crystals you love. There is no pressure to purchase, you can just tune in to learn about and experience their energy.

Each week we explore the energy present in the collective consciousness and call forth the channeled messages and energy from intuitively chosen crystals. These meditations are a great way to learn about and experience crystals and their energy. Plus, they are deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for your whole self - body, mind and spirit. 


what people say...

Ryann M.

Kayma entered my life at a time I was in serious need of some guidance and something new, and I'm fully convinced that the universe specifically chose her as an essential guide on my spiritual journey. She approaches each healing session with such empathy and care, it is clear that she prioritizes the well being and comfort of her clients. After my first reiki healing session with her, I felt as if my slate had been wiped clean, and I felt so inspired that I knew I wanted her to be a mentor of mine right away. Learning Reiki from her has been a privilege. Working with her 1:1 allows her to give so much insight into the spiritual realm and how to create your own journey through it. All of the courses I did with her felt so personalized and my entire certification was such a profound experience. I talk about Kayma and her offerings to anybody who will listen. She is a gift!

Jenica G.

Kayma is legit! She not only knows her stones but has partook in mining so she truly knows the process. Having that experience furthers her expertise in being able to hone in on the stones individual energies. Her knowledge and work with the subtle body is grounded and profound. She's able to truly tap in, work with the energy and offer insight. She's a healer's healer! Highly recommend her.

Courtney H.

I have been going to see Kayma for Reiki and Massage for three years now. I'm so grateful and amazed at how much she has helped me, and continues to help me grow as an individual and heal in so many ways. Kayma is incredibly intuitive, direct, and as bright as they come.  Reiki is my favorite :) I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I first got there. After seeing Kayma you will definitely leave feeling so much more at peace in your mind and body, so relaxed and uplifted. Thank you Kayma for being such an inspiring divine channel of healing love and light.



Kayma is extremely talented and intuitive!!! Her treatments are filled with love and kindness, oriented towards one's health and self discovery.  With every treatment, I walk away feeling happier, lighter, connected. She's truly special! 


I am honored to

be your guide

Let's be honest. We are all feeling more, seeing more and sensing more than ever before. We are becoming more sensitive to others and our surroundings, which is truly a calling to be more sensitive with ourselves.

It delights me to be able to do this work and share that which I have learned (and continue to) both personally and professionally with you. From the earliest I can remember I was drawn to crystals and metaphysics, seeing and feeling things most people didn't. I felt weird and misunderstood which led to a lot of anger, frustration, rebellion and shutting down. While I received my first Reiki Healing at 8 years old It wasn't until my first Reiki Training 12 years ago that I got my first taste of freedom. I finally had an applicable context for what I was feeling - and it felt authentic and real. My experiences with crystals only catapulted that to the next level and inspire me to grow energetically in ways I never thought possible. It was and is certainly a journey and one that has transformed my life so profoundly and positively that it inspires me every day to share it with you.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your path and I look forward to working with you soon.

With Love,


stay connected...




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