Healing through Self-Discovery

A sacred space to learn, self empower and discover the temple within through classes, healing sessions and a magnificent cosmic portal of crystals and gemstones. A place for you to come and experience life slowing down so that you can care for and strengthen your whole self - body, mind and soul. 

Serving North County San Diego and beyond. 

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Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality that works with gentle touch and subtle energy techniques to Clear, Balance and Revive your Body, Mind and Spirit, thus improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. Reiki has been profoundly effective in helping everything from stress-relief and low energy to a specific physiological or psychological ailment and can be used as a valuable tool for self-growth and understanding.

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Past-life regression is a guided journey that helps one uncover past-live(s) as a method of deepening their spiritual connection, healing present day relationships and situations and Karma. Viewing, understanding and working with past life information gives us valuable insight and can lead to profound healing and positive transformation. Book Here


Crystals radiate energy moving faster than the speed of light physical, emotional, spiritual). personalized crystal healing sessions at Kamali work with this powerful energy in  many ways to dive deeper into the subtle realm. They are incredible for personal transformation on a deep cellular level, and help to identify and remove self-limiting blockages and beliefs to create positive change. 

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Bodywork at Kamali is relaxing, rejuvenating blend of Thai Massage, Reiki, Crystal Healing and soothing sound that will bring your body, mind and spirit back into a state of balance and ease.  No two sessions are the same as they are formulated to suit your personal energy, needs and goals. Book Here


Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective way to help heal and overcome a variety of struggles we face in this lifetime from pain and illness, fear and anxiety, relationship issues, addiction,  self-sabotage, feeling stuck and more. A hypnotherapy session involves guiding a client into a very relaxed, meditative state where we are then able to access the deeper parts of the subconscious mind where the root belief or cause of an issue is often held. Through Erin's guidance, you work together to reprogram or shift that belief to positively change our present day situation. Book Here

Spiritual counseling

These sessions create a personalized plan for you to integrate the the insights, healing and messages that come through in a Kamali session into your daily life to support your self-care and personal growth. These sessions are great for those who are learning about their sensitivities and looking to deepen their connection to self, and spirit.

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Every 1st Mon. 11.4, 12.2 

7-8pm $20

Crystals help to clear, balance and energize us on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In this special guided meditation experience you will get to choose from a selection of high vibration Kamali crystals to place on and/or around your body and learn how to connect to, feel and communicate with their unique energy. Perfect for beginners and those looking to take their meditation practice to a new level. 

Full moon 
sound bath 

Upcoming: 11.12, 12.12  

7-8pm $20

Taking time for ourselves during the full moon is important as energies are heightened and illuminated. Kamali's Full Moon Sound Bath and Meditation's are a relaxing and nurturing experience. You will be able to choose from a collection of crystals to place on or around your body while enjoying a tranquil sound bath and guided meditation focusing on the moon's astrological energy. All are welcome to attend.


Sunday 11.24

6-7pm $20

We welcome you to join us for a Chakra Alignment Sound Bath with Crystal Healing. We will call in ancient seed sounds & symbols that correspond to our chakra centers to balance our central nervous system and energy body. The session will continue with a magical sound bath to spread deep healing, peace and relaxation throughout the body. We will close with grounding and a closing mantra.

We have props on hand but you are welcome to bring your own blanket, mat and/or pillow.

Every last Wed. 10.30, 11.27

6:30-7:30pm By Donation

Let's get together and share the loving and healing practice of Reiki. You don't need to have a Reiki Certification to attend, just an open mind and a desire to share and receive positive energy. Each share includes a group energy clearing, information about Reiki and energy exchange, how to safely and intentionally channel Reiki, and time for everyone in attendance to give and receive healing Reiki energy.

Crystals + Energy Activation

Oct 19  2-4pm $25

*held at Great Divine Flow

Join Kayma Englund, owner and founder of the Kamali Temple for an experiential journey into the realm of crystals and gemstones. You will learn about their energy, geological creation, metaphysical properties and how they can enhance your everyday life through discussion, meditation and hands-on exploration. Click here to book!


Oct 20  4-6pm $35

*held at Pilgrimage of the Heart

Join Kayma Englund, owner and founder of the Kamali Temple for an experiential journey into the realm of crystals and gemstones. You will learn about their energy, geological creation, metaphysical properties and how they can enhance your everyday life through discussion, meditation and hands-on exploration. Click here to book!

New Earth 

11. 3 (San Diego) & 11.17 (Carlsbad)

10am-6pm FREE TIX HERE

Join Kayma Englund, owner and founder of the Kamali Temple as a featured presenter at this years San Diego and Carlsbad New Earth Expo. Kamali will be setting up an amazing pop-up Crystal Shop and offering an Intuitive Crystals workshop amongst a variety of holistic vendors, renowned healers, psychics and practitioners for a day devoted to health, wealth, love, & happiness.

Kayma Englund and Erin Villarino came together (after what they are sure has been many past-lifetimes) with a shared vision to create a sacred space for healing, learning and self-discovery. Their practice and teachings stem from their own personal healing journeys paired with in-depth study and training in the realm of subtle anatomy, energy healing and metaphysics. They are passionate in making these teachings accessible to all for a deeper, more enriched human experience. 

Erin villarino

Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Channel/Counselor

Past-Life Regression, Reiki Master/Teacher

After 15 years in the real estate industry, Erin Villarino's own health crisis lead her to explore alternative and complimentary healing modalities. Receiving and then becoming certified in Reiki changed her life completely. She is now committed to sharing this experience with others through her own practice as a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Hypnotherapist (RMT, C.hT) and has facilitated deep healing and awakening for many.  She is also the founder of  The Path of the Lightworker Podcast where she dives deep into the life changing story of healers and intuitives highlighting their pivotal shift towards following a spiritual path. 

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kayma englund

Crystal Healer, Intuitive Channel/Counselor,

 Reiki Master/Teacher, Thai Yoga Bodywork

Kayma is a gifted energy healer and bodywork practitioner. She was introduced to Reiki and the teachings of Yoga at a young age and with signs to clear to ignore, over 10 years ago she began her professional work as a Reiki Practitioner and has never looked back. Through her own personal healing, in-depth trainings, hands--on experience and innate intuitive abilities she has cultivated a unique offering that blends a full spectrum of care from the physical to the energetic with an emphasis on the use of crystals and gemstones. Her sessions aim to provide an authentic and intelligent space for those looking to find relief in their body, freedom in their mind and deeper meaning in their everyday life.

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Erin: 951.331.1139

Kayma: 760.473.6634 

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